A calculator is a type of software, which is used to calculate various scores and indices. The main purpose of incorporating it in many verticals is that it allows easy calculation.

The age calculator is used to determine the interval between the specified two days. The age calculated can be displayed in various forms (Days, months, years and weeks). This calculator is based on the most common age system.

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Prank on your friends and dear ones using this Love Calculator Prank. The results of the calculation are sent to your registered mail id. Know who has a crush on whom!!

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Determine your ideal body weight using Body Weight Calculator by considering factors like gender, age, and height. Checkout out your ideal weight and possible risks associated with it.

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How Much Water Should I Drink? Find out how much amount of water that you need to consume based on your exercise time and your body weight using the Water Intake Calculator.

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Protein is an important nutrient for bodily functions. This calculator helps to determine your total protein intake as per your calorie requirement, age, and physical activity which is important to meet the demand and help to regulate satiety level.

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A Small Electronic Machine Used For Calculating Figures You can do simple or advanced calculations.

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    What is Calculator

    It is an electronic device. It makes the difficult calculations so easy and on tips.

    The machine is fully equipped with the functionality of solving various problems. For example, Addition, subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Above all, it is no more related to these four functions only. More functional and technical devices are available to give a great experience to the user.

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    History of Calculator

    The importance of this helpful tool was known in the early times. At that time, early men use bones, pebbles and other objects to tally the calculations.

    But, it was very limited in nature. So, when the first mainframe computers came into existence.

    It was using vacuum tubes and transistors. That leads to stepping stones to develop an electronic calculator.

    Therefore, the first electronic calculator was launched by Casio computer company in 1957. followed by a series of models with compact technology. Some leading manufactures opted for this technology to cover this new market. Like Canon, Sony, Toshiba, Olivetti, etc.

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    What Are the Different Types of Calculators

    Every calculator can do basic arithmetic, but there are some that are more advanced than others.

    The different types of calculators are broken down and described below. Basic Calculators, Scientific Calculators, Graphing Calculators, Printing Calculators, Financial Calculators, Online Calculators, Phone Calculators, Mechanical Calculators, Electronic Calculators, Solar Powered Calculators, Touchscreen Calculators, Pocket Calculators, Desktop Calculators, Novelty Calculators

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    Advantages of Calculator

    You can solve very tedious and most difficult arithmetic problems. It is very portable and easy to use machine. Moreover, the biggest advantage is calculation is always correct.These points are the calculator advantages.
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    Saves time

    When the objective is to develop general mathematical reasoning abilities or research of numerical patterns, the calculator is necessary to avoid spending minutes solving long and tedious operations. Investigating is also a vital part of the knowledge that we sometimes put aside for lack of time!
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    It is necessary to learn its use

    Both in secondary and high school or even in the university, the calculator becomes a necessary asset inevitably; so students will use it more and more frequently. And since it is a daily instrument who better than teachers to teach them how to handle them correctly?
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    They help motivate students

    Repeated calculations significantly reduce interest in mathematics. Students tend to get bored when classes are based on monotonously solving sheets and plagued sheets of exercises. What if we do some different activity with the calculator as the protagonist?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most recent questions asked by the users, which we decided to answer briefly.

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    Why do we use calculators

    Calculators are increasingly essential tools, simple and efficient devices with which you can solve more complex operations. But are the advantages they can bring to teaching really so many?