10 Tips On Eyeliner Designs For Small Eyes

Apply eyeliner designs for small eyes which makes your eyes beautiful. Drawing eyeliner for hooded eyes enhances the beauty of your face.

Your facial expression can be improved by drawing eyeliner for almonds eyes.

Putting simple eyeliner styles on your eyes is good for when you are going to college or the office.

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You can also make your eyes big by using the ideas of eyeliner for big eyes.

Read below to different eyeliner designs for small eyes.

Eyeliner for small eyes to look bigger

You can make your eyes look bigger by choosing the right eyeliner style with putting right color of eyeliner on your eyes.

eyeliner for big eyes

You can follow the tips to make eye bigger through eyeliner:

  • At the waterline of your eyes, use white or flesh tones eyeliner.
  • Don’t dark you eyeliner at the inner corner ,dark at outer corner .
  • Choose different color eyeliner on upper lash line.
  • Choose where to start wing of eyeliner.
  •  Always start at inner corner with thin line and make thicker at extended .

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Best Eyeliner styles

Before going to put eyeliner designs for small eyes , first get to know different types of eyeliner styles and which one you can choose to apply.

You can also choose on which occasion or place, you are going.

Well, simple eyeliner styles go with every dress and on every occasion with simple look.

eyeliner for almond eyes

Neatly Drawn Cat Eyeliner for hooded eyes

Glow your skin and apply neatly drawn cat eyeliner for hooded eyes for your wedding makeup.

You can simply draw a thin line with eyeliner on the eyes of your upper eyelid & lower eyelid. For a cat eyeliner look, you need to add a wing to the outer of your eyes.

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Natural Simple Eyeliner Styles

Eyeliner for almond eyes

Perfect match for looking of a natural look with gorgeous makeup & beautiful mehndi.

In the natural eyeliner styles, you can use black or brown color eyeliner & neutral eyeshadow colors which give natural effects to your makeup.

Long-Winged Eyeliner for big eyes

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Beautiful eyeliner
Beautiful eyeliner

You can use this style when going for party and apply by starting at inner corner of your eyes& move towards outer side of eyes .

Flick the line upwards towards the outer edge of the eyebrow.

Vintage-Winged Simple Eyeliner Styles

Great retro -looking appearance styles you can get with your glowing skin .

Draw wing with low angle and create attractiveness by putting some eyeshadow.

Swan Eyeliner Styles for almond eyes

Beautiful look with your party make up. You can highlight the style by playing with some eye-shadow ,draw a line by giving a Black Swan Look.

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Simple Eyeliner Styles for Beginners

For the beginner ,take pencil eyeliner & apply straight across from the inner corner to outer corner of upper lid.

You can also match the color of your eyeliner with nail art.

Trendy Eyeliner For You

Eyeliner for big eyes Styles with Patterns

Best design for makeup experts for parties & weddings which you can make on your own.

In this, you can create the pattern on your upper lid through different colors of eyeliner.

Glittery Eyeliner Styles for almond eyes

Eyeliner for almond eyes

Glowing skin are looking perfect with the use of glitter on your eyes.

You can use glitter pen or liquid eyeliner with the matching or contrast color of eyeshadow over your eyes.

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Peacock Eyeliner for hooded eyes

In the peacock or blue eyeliner, you can take peacock or blue color eyeliner on upper eyelids & if you want, you can continue on the lower lid.

Create feathers with black eyeliner and use green glitter on the feather.

Unique Simple Eyeliner for Big Eyes

Enclosed Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes Wing

One of best example of unique eyeliner for big eyes because the line draw through from inner corner of upper lid are continuous and stop at the lower lid.

Best Eyeliner
Best Eyeliner

You can draw a line through pencil or liquid eyeliner .

Start from inner corner of upper lid & move outwards ,continue on lower lid and stop half of the lower lid.

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Smokey Eyeliner for almond eyes

Smokey eyeliner goes with a party dress when you are going out with your friends.

You can apply the eyeshadow on upper lid first.

Take an eyeliner and apply to your upper eyelid. Gel eyeliner creates a proper effects as gel eyeliner can’t smudge when you blend with eyeshadow.

Black and Pink Eyeliner for almond eyes

Perfect combination of eyeliner when you look stylish & unique.

First, you can draw eyeliner with black eyeliner on the upper lid, and with the following of the same pattern, draw eyeliner with pink eyeliner.

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Eyeliner for round eyes

Eyeliner looks good on round eyes ,you can put the eyeliner on the upper part of your eyes and lower part for catchy eyes.

eyeliner designs for small eyes

When you putting the eyeliner for round eyes then always start from the inner corner for both upper & lower part.

In the round eyes ,white area are visible more, so use thick eyeliner for cover-up.

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Eyeliner for almond eyes

Don’t confused your almond eye shape with round eyes. In case, your eyes are slightly covered at inner or outer corner then it is almond shape eyes.

eyeliner for almond eyes

For almond-shaped eyes, use the simple eyeliner styles if you are a beginner and use the lighter shade with a darker outer shade to highlight your eyes.

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Winged eyeliner for small eyes

If you want stunning look then choose the winged eyeliner for small eyes. Best eyes for all types of eyes shape.

eyeliner for big eyes

Start drawing the eyeliner from the inner corner with a thin line and extend at the outer corner. In between, going towards the outer, start making the winged shape (refer to the above image).

Eyeliner styles

Perfection comes into your eyes when you choose right eyeliner styles for your eyes.

eyeliner for almond eyes

We all have different types of eyes shape, and different types of eye shapes are as follows:

  • round
  • monolid
  • hooded
  • downturned
  • upturned and
  • almond

Choose from the right eyeliner styles according to your eye shape to make your face look attractive & stunning

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Eyeliner styles for eye shape

One of the very easy eyeliner styles for eye shape ,which you choose when you are wearing western dress.

simple eyeliner styles

You can make eyeliner style for eye shape by simply drawing the eyeliner on the shape of your upper eyeliner.

You can start from upper inner corner of your eyes and end with outer corner.

You can also choose this style for eyeliner for hooded eyes.

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Eyeliner styles step by step

Getting ready for the party and confused about how to keep eyeliner for hooded eyes or eyeliner for almond eyes.

And also looking for options for eyeliner for big eyes.

Then, don’t worry, follow the simple steps for drawing the eyeliner on your beautiful eyes.

eyeliner for big eyes

Step by step guide for putting the eyeliner into your eyes:

First ,you can take the following things at one place when you are going to apply eyeliner:

  • Concealer
  • Eye Primer
  • Eyeliner (Pencil/Gel/Liquid)
  • Eyeliner Brush
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Mascara

Step 1:You can take the moisturizer and apply to your eyes properly.

Step 2:After moisturizer, apply the eye primer and blend completely.

Step 3:Take the eyeliner and start creating the arc according to your eye shape.

Step 4:Wth the eyeliner ,fill the space between arc & outer line of your eyelid.

Step 5 : If you want to thick eyeliner, then you thick the arc.

Step 6:After completing the upper part put the eyeliner on the lower part.

Step 7 : You can use mascara to make your eyeliner a more perfect look.

Step 8:For the final touch, curl your eyelashes so that eyeliner beauty increased.

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Question & Answer related to 10 Tips On Eyeliner Designs For Small Eyes

Q.Should hooded eyes wear eyeliner?

A. Yes, definitely, you can wear eyeliner for hooded eyes.

Q.Does bottom eyeliner make eyes smaller?

A. No, its depend how do you choose to apply eyeliner on your eyes.

Q.Can you use liquid liner on lower eye?

A. Yes, you can use liquid eyeliner on your lower eyes and also good for eyeliner for hooded eyes.

Q.Does eyeliner look good on small eyes?

A. Yes, of course ,by putting simple eyeliner styles, you can make your beautiful.

Q.Which Colour Kajal is best for small eyes?

A. Any color looks best on small eyes but don’t choose black because it makes your eyes small.

Q.How do you do winged eyeliner for small eyes?

A. In the small eyes, you can figure out from where to start winged shape. Start the from inner corner & moves towards outward by making winked shaped and refer the above article:10 Tips On Eyeliner Designs For Small Eyes.


Makes your small eyes big & beautiful with the above ideas of eyeliner for hooded eyes, simple eyeliner styles, eyeliner for almonds eyes.

Give a trail on different eyeliner designs for small eyes and then choose in which design your eyes looks perfect.

Your eyes are one of the main attractions of your body part so always make it beautiful and gorgeous.

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Eyeliner trick for small hooded eyes
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