How to Treat Dry Skin in Winter

How to Treat Dry Skin in Winter

To avoid the cold in the winter season, we protect ourselves with the help of warm clothes, but often we are not able to take care of our skin properly, due to which the glow of the skin starts decreasing.

Cold winds take away the moisture of the skin completely, due to which the skin becomes dry and lifeless.

Therefore, to protect your skin from the cold in this winter, follow these easy home remedies. Xerosis is a common skin condition that often gets worse in winters. When the temperature is low and the air is dry and we spend a lot of time indoors to keep ourselves warm.

Excess exposure to cold and dry air reduces the moisture content of the skin and makes it scaly, cracked and sore.

You can often cure dry skin at home. But in some cases, these can be a symptom of ichthyosis or atopic eczema, which needs to be treated by a doctor.

That’s why it is important to know what is the cause of dry skin, how to take care of it and when to see a doctor.

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What causes dry skin and why is it more common in winters

Dry skin occurs when there is less moisture in the top layer of your skin (epidermis).

In winter this happens because your skin gets exposed to too much cold and dry air or you spend too much time in front of direct flame. Such as a fan heater or an open fire.

Your skin may also become dry due to the following reasons:

  • Taking Too Much Bath Or Shower
  • Using Harsh Soap On Your Skin
  • Wearing Rough Clothing That Rubs Against Your Skin
  • Spending Too Much Time In The Room With Direct Heat
  • Daily Exposure To Low Humidity
Glowing Skin Homemade
Skin Care Tips At Home

Care Of Skin

Your skin needs more moisture in winters than in summers. So moisturize the face well. Do not leave the house without applying sunscreen even in winter.

You can use aloe vera, coconut, shea butter and herbal oils to maintain facial moisture. Along with this, you can prepare moisturizing packs at home to keep the skin soft.

Make a paste by mixing one teaspoon of almond powder in two tablespoons of milk. Leave this paste on the face for ten minutes. After that wash your face with clean water. Apply this pack every night before sleeping.

Lip Care

The most effect of dry winds is on the soft and soft lips of women. Due to which the lips start cracking and become dry.

If you want to retain the moisture of your lips even in this winter, then use a lip balm containing petroleum jelly and vitamin-E on your lips.

To reduce the dryness of lips, apply desi ghee in the navel before sleeping at night. This remedy is also very effective in maintaining the moisture of the lips.

If your lips are cracking too much, then do not apply lipstick for a few days. Also, do not forget to moisturize the lips before applying matte lipstick in winter and after applying lipstick.

How to take care of skin in winter

  1. In winter the skin becomes very dry and lifeless. For this it is necessary to apply a moisturizer containing Vitamin E. Wash the face with clean water and apply a good moisturizer daily at night and 3-4 times a day.
  2. As soon as winter comes, people start bathing with hot water, but keep in mind that the water should not be too hot, otherwise it makes the skin dry.
  3. Minimize the use of soap in winters. If the skin is dry, then stop scrubbing also because it will open the pores on the skin but the skin will also become dry. Scrub only if the skin is oily so that it can reduce the oil of the skin.
  4. To make the skin soft and supple in winter, mix curd and sugar and apply it well on the face and let it dry for a while. After this, massage with light hands and then wash with lukewarm water.
  5. In summer, people often use sunscreen but do not understand its need in winter, while the sun’s rays cause the most damage to the skin in winter. Often people take sunbathing and due to this skin tanning happens, it also becomes lifeless. To avoid this, it is necessary to use sunscreen in winter.
  6. Be it winter or summer, drink plenty of water so that there is no shortage of water in the body. If there is sufficient amount of water, then the skin will not be dead and the glow will always be there.
  7. If you want to keep the skin soft and healthy, then use coconut oil. Coconut oil is not only useful for hair, but massage the body and face one hour before bathing daily and then take a bath. Skin will never be dry.
  8. Make a mixture by mixing glycerin, lemon and 3-4 drops of rose water and keep it in a vial. Apply this mixture daily on the face and body before sleeping at night and wake up in the morning and take a bath with lukewarm water.
  9. If the skin of the hands is very dry, then for this either mix lemon and sugar and apply it on the hands, otherwise mix honey and lemon and apply it on the hands and leave it for some time. Wash off with lukewarm water after a while, it will be beneficial.
  10. Egg and honey face mask also helps a lot in making the skin soft and healthy. For this, mix a little honey in an egg and then apply it on the face, hands and neck and wash it with lukewarm water after an hour or two.
  11. No matter what the season, if you want to take care of your skin, then it is most important to eat a balanced diet. Drink enough water daily. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. If it is winter, then include things like carrots, spinach, fenugreek, mustard, lemon in the food. Drink juice.
  12. The skin of many people is already dry and in winters such skin becomes worse. Milk is the best tonic for dry skin. If you want, you can apply it by mixing it in a face pack or apply similar milk on the face and massage it with a light hand. Wash off with lukewarm water after about an hour. If you do this daily, then you will get to see the benefit in no time.
  13. One basic thing that should be taken care of is to keep your skin covered with warm things like gloves, sweaters and scarves in winter. Apply petroleum jelly, body butter so that the moisture of the skin remains intact and it does not break.
  14. Make a pack by mixing one spoon butter and a little lemon and honey in 2 spoons of honey and apply it on the hands and neck apart from the face. Leave it for about half an hour and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Do this daily in winter. This will not only make the skin soft and healthy, but the complexion will also be fair.

Dry Skin Dos & Don’ts in winter

  • If you have dry skin, do not use too much soap. Instead, apply an oily cleanser.
  • Do not take bath with very hot water. Do not take hot water bath for a long time. Do not sit in a tub of hot water.
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol based products.
  • Do not scrub the skin. Do not rub with a towel too much.
  • Do not leave the skin dehydrated for a long time. drink water. Drink more liquids.
  • Avoid applying powder in cold weather. This makes the skin dry. Avoid applying too much makeup.
  • Do not sleep at night without cleaning the skin. Makeup, dust, dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells present on the face damage the skin.


Apply the above homemade tips for healthy and glowing, shining skin. You should care for your skin always to look young and gorgeous.

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