Instant Indian Home Remedy For Constipation

Everyone has facing the problem of constipation at several times and looking for instant Indian home remedy for constipation that would be easy for consuming .

We don’t have the same bowel movement but in case a person is going 3 times in one day or 3 times in a week then it should be normal but if less than that, then definitely it’s come under constipation.

Constipation can be occur at any age group ,not particular for only adult or babies.

Below are the following home remedies for constipation which can be good for every one.

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Home remedies for constipation immediate relief

If your are facing the constipation and looking for immediate relief then use the following the home remedies & get rid of constipation with fraction of seconds:

1 Castor Oil

The best natural laxative through which you get rid of constipation and remedy of ancient times and people are using nowadays to get the immediate relief from constipation.

Castor oil
Castor oil

How Castor oil works ?

A fatty acid called ricinoleic acid has been found in castor oil through which smooth muscle cells present in the intestinal wall binds & which leads to contraction of muscle and result of passing of stool smoothly.

Take the 10-15 ml of normal dosage of castor oil. Take the advice of doctor if facing major issues.

Best For :

Good for treating the chronic constipation of adult.

2 Lukewarm Water

Water is the cure for all diseases that also treat your bowel movement. You can drink enough water to treat your constipation smoothly. With the help of water, the digestion process works properly and healthy working of muscle movement.

When weather changes ,its general to disturb the bowel movement or dehydration happen that’s lead to constipation.

How Lukewarm water works ?

With the help of water, the digestion process works properly and healthy working of muscle movement starts. Drink the lukewarm water 6-8 glasses a day to keep maintain the bowel movements and smoothly pass the stools.

Best For :

All age group.

3 Coffee

Take one cup of coffee when you are upset with constipation. Through the coffee colon stimulate and good for control of bowel movement.

In the morning ,drink daily one cup of coffee to get the pressure .Drink water also to keep your body hydration.

Best For :


High Fibre Foods

The best remedy to get instant relief from constipation is high fiber foods that contain plant material that the human body cannot digest. With the help of high fiber foods, stools get bulks and softness.

Diet plan

How High Fibre Foods works ?

All the water absorbs by the soluble fibre that binds with fatty acid and makes a gel & due to which stools become softer & left insoluble fibre does not dissolve in water & give bulkiness and provide moisture to your stool.

Daily consume 20-25 gms of fibre to stop the constipation probelm.

You can also take one spoon of isabgol in one glass of water and consume in the morning before taking any things.

Best For :

All age group.


Treat instant relief to constipation with blackstrap molasses that are rich in vitamins and minerals and a mainly a good amount of magnesium. Magnesium is good for treating constipation.

How Molasses works ?

Take one tablespoon of molasses before going to bed at night that gives relax your bowels movement & pull out the water from the intestine. And makes your stool soften, good for smooth movement of the colon.

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Instant Indian home remedy for constipation for babies

Most of the babies are having the problems of constipation ,you can follow the below home remedies for constipation:

1.Exercise and Warm bath.

Keep busy the toddler in some physical activity through body moves and good for the bowel movements. And by giving warm water also get relief from constipation.

Add 2 spoons of baking soda in the bucket & add lukewarm warm water.

Leave the child around 20 minutes .

2. Banana and hot water.


When your baby have constipation then take banana ,mash with hot water & give to baby in the morning .Definitely ,baby get relieve from the constipation.

3.Consume Water

Give more water to your baby as lack of water leads to digestion problems in the intestinal tract. Keep hydrated your child by drinking adequate water & free from constipation problems.

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Instant Indian home remedy for constipation during pregnancy

If you have constipation problem during pregnancy’s then follow the below home remedies :

1. Lemon


Good for digestion and remove out all the toxins and undigested foods from your stomach. Take one lemon juice in warm water which induced bowel contractions & helps to remove stools.

2. Water

8 Glasses Of Water
Drinking Water

Consume 10 glasses of water in a day through which hard stools become soft and help to smooth movement of stool through the digestive system. Maintaining the level of water is very necessary during pregnancy.

3. Citrus Fruits (Oranges)

Orange peel

Consume more citrus food like orange which are good in vitamin C and high fibre fruit. Consume at least 30 gm of fibre food in a day during pregnancy’s to not having the problem of constipation.

4. Prune Juice

Prune Juice
Prune Juice

Consume at least 5 times in one day to relieve constipation and easy movement of stool at the time of pregnancy. If you feel the taste is too strong then dilute it with water and add lemon for taste enhancement.

5. Ispagula Husks

Ispagula Husks
Ispagula Husks

Take ispagula husks with water & drink 10 glasses of water daily & don’t take this remedy if you are suffering from heart & blood pressure problem. Take the advice of the doctor also.

6. Flaxseed

Flax seeds
Flax seeds

Best remedy for pregnant lady suffering from constipation because it is full of dietary fibre and contain omega-3s.Drink 10 -glass of water if you are consuming flaxseed.

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Baking soda for constipation

Best method to clean colon through household staple .Baking soda treats the stomach acids and removes them & result of stimulate bowel movement.

Instant Indian Home Remedy For Constipation
Instant Indian Home Remedy For Constipation

How to use?

  • Take one spoon of baking soda and one-fourth cup of warm water.
  • Mix well and drink.

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Here, is the solution for everyone who is suffering from constipation & makes your day happy. Follow the home remedies but in case you have major issues then it is highly recommended to consult the doctor.

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