Hooded eye makeup

11 Tips On Eye Makeup For Hooded Eyes

Different eyes need different kinds of eye makes as they have unique and beautiful to look attractive. Eye makeup for hooded eyes is one of them which looks appealing and gorgeous.

With the best makeup tips and tricks, your hooded eyes look more beautiful and amazing. For hooded types of eyes, you have many options of makeup like smokey eyes, winged eyes, glitter eyes, and many more.

But when you applying the makeup on hooded eyes then it is quite tricky due to less visible lid eye space. You need to be careful while applying makeup on hooded eyes.

If you have hooded eyes then read the below article completely :

Hooded eyes makeup

Here, step by step guide makeup of hooded eyes that make you comfortable while applying the makeup on eyes:

Shadow eye makeup steps & how to use eye shadow kit

Start the makeup with the use of a shadow kit, before starting the makeup, clean your eyes completely with cleaning toner and start your makeup now!

Eye makeup for hooded eyes
Eye makeup for hooded eyes
  • After cleaning the lids ,apply the primer on your lids evenly and by applying the primer,your makeup dont smudged,infact primer prevent for doing this.

Apply a small amount of primer and leaves for few seconds & use some foundation and concealer with a matching shade of skin tone.

  • Open your favourite eyeshadow palate, choose a matte shade onto the eye brush and then apply on the lower section of the lid that are right above your eyeball.

It’s up to you, to choose one or two shades to apply on eyelids but make sure to blend properly. If you want to highlight, then at the center of the eyelid, add a pop of highlight to look slightly bigger.

  • To look more attractive ,apply the shimmer highlighter and dab it in the inner corner of eyes to look brighten.
  • Apply the eye makeup setting spray to prevent the makeup from smudge.

Hooded eye makeup steps for Eyeliner

If you have hooded eyes then try to avoid cat ey as it makes the looks of eyes smaller but with the following steps, you can do it to complete your need.

how to apply kajal as eyeliner
how to apply eyeliner
  • After completeing the shadow makeup eye kit steps,now its time to make the shape of eyes more sharpness and smooth canvas by applying the eyeliner.
  • Use the pencil eyeliner of your favourite color & draw aline from the outer edge & moves towards the inner corner of eyes.Makes the outer corner darker and lighter inwards corner.
  • Leaves for few minutes,and take fluffy brush to blend and soften the line which you draw.With the brush blend in upwards and outwards direction on the direction of brow bone and do the same at outer corner of eyes.

But do not do for the outer edge of the line as it makes your crease.

  • Pick a waterproof eyeliner and create a diagonal from the inner corner of the eye and extedend liitle bit.Again draw a line that extends to the lower lash line and meets previous diagonal line.
  • Apply the mascara ,to give the final looks.

Hooded eye makeup steps for Eyebrow pencil

The use of eyebrow pencil is the lasts step to complete the makeup but it be would be chosen smartly to give the final look of the makeup of eyes. Don’t choose to fill the eyes too dark.

With the thin brow, space around the eyes looks open.

Smokey Eye Makeup For Dark Skin
Smokey Eyes For Dark Skin
  • Give aprofessional shape to shape the eye brow with the perfect use of eyebrow pencil.Don’t makes your eye brow bushy or thick for hooded eyes.
  • Draw a natural shape of brow with the help of pencil.You can start at the bottom of brow and draw light and fill all the sparse brows.Comb the eyebrow for more natural look.

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Hooded eyes Makeup tips

With the learning of makeup of hooded eyes, now learn some tricks that make the looks of hooded eyes more trendy and smart for any occasion. Scroll below & get the best tips :

The makeup of eyes tricks

Cut crease suits on hooded eyes 

For the bold and dramatic look, cut crease suits on hooded eyes, you can try and see the change.

Curl lashes

Curling lashes make eyes wider so before applying the mascara it would be suggested to curl your lashes properly. Curling eyes suited best on hooded eyes with downturned shape.

Apply smudge-proof mascara. 

By applying smudge-proof mascara, your eyes makeup is safe to use the mascara in such a way that transferred mascara onto their brow bone.

Or let your liner smudge.

Tightline the top waterline of eyes and give a perfect smokey look of eyes by smudging the liner.

Apply the nude or white eyeliner for tightline.

It would look best when you choose nude or white eyeliner for tightline as when you open up your eyes, it looks natural.

Always front of mirror when applying the makeup on eyes

Recommended to you, when you are doing the makeup on your eyes, you should be in front of the clean mirror for the entire time.

Apply concealer   

Concealer makes your eyes larger and covers all the dark circles. You can apply it from the corner of the inside to the midshaft of the nose. Add a small puff of concealer on the outside corner of the eye.

Completely blend the concealer up & down, around the eyes.

Apply highlighter under the arch of the brow. 

For the perfect look, use the highlighter only under the arch of the brow & if you use it completely then it looks puffy and saggy. Only apply where you want to highlight only.

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I hope, you understand the eyes makeup trips of hooded eyes and try out the different looks of eyes makeup with your favorite attire and go out for a party with friends.

Before applying the makeup to the eyes, clean the eyelid completely & when you want to remove the makeup then clean it completely and apply the night cream or moisturizer.

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