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10 tips on how to remove dark spots from body

A dark spot on the visible parts of your body makes you nervous against your beauty and how to remove dark spots from body is not easy as you need to put some extra effort.

Dark spots fade away from your mood when you dress up well & going to a party because it is clearly visible to others and constantly worries about getting rid of it. Well, here in this article, you can get the remedy to remove dark spots.

Drak spots come through different conditions, might be genetically or due to sunburn, allergies, and other reasons, and with the treatment, you definitely remove all the dark spots of your body.

Read all the below healthy tips on how to remove the dark spots from the body & apply for sure!

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How to remove dark spots from body

With the excess exposure to the sun, you got sunburn and due to which skin pigmentation comes and affects all over the body & results in dark patches on the skin

How To Use Multani Mitti For Face
Remove the dark spots

You can also get dark spots due to some reasons like skin irritation, hormones changes, burn, allergic reaction, etc. Follow the below tips on removing the dark spots with home remedies:

Turmeric for dark spots on face

Turmeric | Haldi
Remedy to remove dark spots from the bod

Due to the skincare properties of turmeric and easily available in every household, choose to use turmeric to remove the dark spots. Take one spoon curd, two spoons of besan, and half a spoon of turmeric and apply on the dark spots.

Leaves for 20 minutes and clean with lukewarm water.

Tomato paste for how to remove dark circles

How To Get Clear And Glowing Skin
Effectively work for removing the dark patches

Tomato contains lycopene and due to which it protects the skin from sun damages spots Take one tomato and make a paste and apply it to dark spots area. Leaves for 20 minutes.

Clean with lukewarm water, definitely dark spots lighten and improve skin complexion.

Manjistha to treat dark spots

How to remove dark spots from body
How to remove dark spots from body

It is an ayurvedic herb that deals with skin problems by purifying the blood and refresh the skin. Here, is the option, you can eat the capsule of manjistha or apply the mask to remove dark spots.

Consume the capsules once or twice a day. And, take two spoons of manjistha , add one spoon of honey and make a paste and apply it to your skin. Leaves for 30 minutes.

Clean with normal water.

Masoor Dal ( Red Lentils) remedy on dark patches

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face mask for removing the dark spots

Massor dal is a good home remedy to remove the dark spots, soak 4 spoons of masoor dal overnight in a bowl and add water. With a blender, make a paste and apply the paste . Leaves for 20 minutes and clean with normal water.

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How to get rid of dark spots on black skin

Due to the overproduction of melanin, dark spots come on your skin which makes you feel awkward, and with the following tips, you can definitely get rid of dark spots. Scroll down now!

Sandalwood for black spots on face

Multani mitti ke nuksanat
Relief from dark spots at home

Sandalwood is a very refreshing remedy that makes skin healthy and moisturized. Take 1 spoon of sandalwood powder and add 1 spoon of orange juice. Mix all well and make a paste.

Apply on the dark spots evenly and leaves for 20 minutes only. After, clean with lukewarm water. For the best result, apply twice or thrice a week.

Saffron best for how to remove pimples marks

Get the clear skin in natural ways

It is ayurvedic natural ingredients that treat all kinds of pigmentation and dark spots in a natural way. Take two strands of saffron in a bowl and a small amount of water, add 2 spoons of turmeric powder.

Make a paste and apply the saffron paste to remove the pimples marks, pigmentation & dark spots.

Buttermilk treat black spots on face

cool Milk
home remedy to clean skin

Buttermilk provides great effects on the reduction of scars and marks, Take the buttermilk and apply few drops of lemon juice, and apply on dark spots. Leaves for 20 minutes and wash with normal water.

Add the lemon if you have oily or acne-prone skin, dry skin doesn’t need it.

Red onion

Multani Mitti for pimples
Tips on dark spots removal

Apply the red onion juice with honey and apply on dark spots, pigmentation, and marks. By applying this, new cell growth and fade the old spots of the skin. So, you can try this easily available household remedy.

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Apple cider vinegar for dark patches

Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair Loss
Best ways to treat dark spots

With the use of apple cider vinegar, reduce the dark patches effectively. Take the same amount of water and apple cider vinegar in a bowl, mix well and apply on the dark patches.

Clean with lukewarm water and apply the serum and moisturizer after this.

Aloe vera gel makes beautiful skin

how to get rid of dandruff
Natural ways to remove dark spots

Use the aloe vera for all types of skin problems and with the help of aloe vera, you can also lighten the dark spots easily. Simply use the gel or juice of aloe vera on dark spots.

Leaves for 30 minutes and wash with normal water. Apply the moisturizer or toner after applying the aloe -vera.

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Due to some allergic reactions to harmful cosmetics, you got dark spots with itchiness but it would be recommended to use always organic and natural products and try to use branded products.

And, use the above tips on home remedies and if you feel that it is not curable then consult the doctor because might be the skin patches signify some skin diseases.

And when you take cosmetic products for removing dark spots, read the instruction manual carefully and understand your skin type and problem for dark spots.

Remember one thing, do the patch test on your skin before doing anything on your face because the skin of the face is very sensitive.

Visit our website to get the remedy on skin & hair problems and comment in the box for any query.

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