Amla Hair oil growth

Amla oil for hair growth

Use the amla oil for hair growth as it is good for hair. Amla is a fruit known as Indian gooseberry & amblic myrobalan & grows from the Amalaki tree and comes from a native Indian tree.

Amla is rich in vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants that are the essential things required for excellent hair growth.

Amla belongs to the category of ayurvedic medicine and has organic benefits on your skin as well as your hair. Due to the medicinal properties of the tree, it provides healthy and long hair in a natural way.

Well, amla is also treated with hair dandruff and premature hair graying, splitting, breakage & hair loss by boosting hair health and remove all the issues related to hair.

Use amla in the form of oil for good hair growth that can easily be available in the medical and beauty store.

Read below the amla benefits & how to use them for best hair growth without facing any side effects:

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Benefits of amla oil for hair growth

Lots of benefits of amla oil when you use it on regular basis on hair. Following are the best advantages of applying amla hair oil.

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Amla benefits for hair to treat dandruff

As amla is rich in vitamin C so it is the best solution to treat dryness and prevents the accumulation of dandruff. Due to anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties are a good solution to stop dandruff formation. 

With the use of amla, all the build-up of impurities from the scalp can be cleaned and regain the optimum pH levels of the scalp and the best use of amla is to help to reduce the itchiness resulting from dandruff.

How to use Use Amla Powder to prepare a hair mask

If you suffering from dandruff regularly then use amla powder as a hair mask. Make the hair mask by adding some tulsi leaves and apply them on your hair and scalp, leaves for 30 minutes.

Wash off with water and after 2-3 use, you are free from dandruff.

Amla growth oils for treating premature greying

Due to poor diet and lack of proper nutrition, many of us facing the use of premature greying so it is recommended to get rid of premature greying use the amla oil on your scalp on regular basis.

With the help of regular oiling, you can gain the natural color of your hair. But for the best result, you can take the same amount of almond oil with amla oil and mix well.

Apply the oil into your hair from root to tip and gently massage for some minutes. Leaves for overnight or 2 hours then clean with water.

You can also choose brigands hair oil for the treatment of grey hair due to powerful ingredients like Bhringraj and Indigo. Mix with amla oil in the same proportion and apply to your hair.

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Best Amla hair growth oils

Buy any one of the following amla hair oil for the growth of beautiful hair. All are great and instant effects when you apply on hair.

Amla oil for hair growth
Amla oil for hair growth
  1. Dabur Amla Hair Oil
  2. Nihar Shanti Amla Oil
  3. Khadi Pure Amla Herbal Oil
  4. Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil
  5. Pure Naturals Herb Rich Amla Hair Oil
  6. Jovees Amla and Beal Revitalizing Hair Tonic
  7. Jiva Amla Non-Sticky Hair Oil
  8. Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil

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Tips for hair growth

By reducing hair fall, you can get promote the health of hair and ultimately hair growth. Just, take some drops of hair oil into your palm and apply with your finger on the scalp and hair till the ends.

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Amla stops the breakage of hair by removing split-ends problems, you can massage with oil on your scalp, and the reason why amla hair oil is good is that amla contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients.

Through which circulation of blood enhances significantly throughout the scalp and hence growth increases. 

It would be advisable that don’t cover your hair with a cap after applying amla hair oil as enough oxygen and nourishment provides to the hair follicles and oil makes the hair fibers strength and get rid of hair loss.

Buy the best brand hair oil from the market & apply once or twice a week.

Why Amla for hair growth

Amla is rich in lots of essential fatty acids that go deep into the hair follicles, results in the hair are softer, shinier, and voluminous with increasing thickness.

High iron and carotene content enhances the stimulation growth of hair. You can use the powder form of amla also and make the paste of amla for hair by combining it with other herbs that good for hair growth and gives you desired result.

How to use amla with Reetha and Shikhakai

Take half cup reetha and shikhakai and half cup amla power. Soak the reetha & shikhakai overnight and blend to get the powder form. Mix all three and add water to it.

Make a smooth paste and apply it on hair, leaves for 4-5 hours, and clean with water.

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Hair grow faster

With applying the hair oil & it would be recommended to you that eat amla fruit every day that work for reducing & preventing premature greying and enhance hair growth.

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Amla improves the scalp conditions by removing dandruff, itchiness with many other uses. You have the choice to eat the amla fruits in the form of candy, pickles, etc. to drink amla juice.

Well, the taste of amla is too pungent but good for your skin & hair too. By eating or drinking juice, you can also improve your eyesight. Overall, it is the best fruit for your health.

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Nowadays, most of among are affected with hair problems and 80% are suffering from premature greying of hair due to poor and busy lifestyle, unhealthy diet & lots of pollution.

So, amla is a great remedy for a treat all the problems and makes your hair healthy again. Intake regular amla fruits or use amla oil on your hair for healthy, lustrous hair.

Read our hairstyle section, to know more about other hair oils’ benefits and how to use them?

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