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Baking soda for hair growth

Hair growth needs care and with effective tips, it is easy to grow hair in natural ways, baking soda for hair growth is one of them. With the use of baking soda, dandruff and itchiness remove.

They are the barrier to hair growth & thickening of hair. Baking soda treats hair fall problems, makes hair thick, and overall improves the texture of hair.

When baking soda is mixed with water, then dissolved in water completely, remove the excess oils, soaps, and other impurities from the hair.

There are lots of ways through which, can apply on hair.

In the below article, you can get to know the best uses of baking soda on hair :

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What is Baking Soda?

Baking soda is also known as Sodium Bicarbonate is salt and found in a white solid crystalline state form. Baking Soda is ground into a fine powder for use and baking soda, generally available in shops.

Well, in the laboratory, it is known as sodium bicarbonate & in the kitchen known as baking soda. Baking soda is exited in basic(alkaline)substance in a free state and feels salty when you eat.

Baking soda cleans dirt, removes the excess oil from the dirty things. Most of the women use, baking soda for cleaning & growing the hair strands at home & never face any issues.

How does Baking soda work?

Due to the antifungal properties of baking soda, it balances the ph level of the scalp. By balancing the ph level, it absorbs the excess sebum & dirt from the scalp.

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Easy use of baking soda hair growth

Baking soda can be used directly on hair or mix with other ingredients for long hair at home. Use the baking soda in many ways as per the comfort.

Baking soda for hair growth
Baking soda for hair growth

Use Baking Soda on your scalp

It is easy to directly apply the baking soda on the scalp but not recommended if you have a sensitive scalp otherwise it may harm you. Baking soda for normal hair, strong & make hair longer.

Take a patch test before applying the baking soda completely on the hair.

How to apply :

Following are 3 ways to use baking soda on the scalp.

Baking Soda
Baking Soda
  • 1.Dry rub
  • First ,wet hair completely and take baking powder in bowl.
  • Apply on hair through fingers.
  • Gently massage to the scalp.
  • Wash off with cold water.
  • 2.Spray
  • Take one spoon of spray and three spoon of clean water .
  • Mix well and dissolve completely.
  • Take one spary bottle and pour the solution.
  • Shake before use.
  • Spray on hair ,leaves for 5 minutes and clean with lukewarm water.
  • 3.Hair mask/paste
  • Take 3 spoons of baking soda and cup of water.
  • Mix completely without forming lump.
  • Apply the mixture on the hair scalp & massage with your fingers for some minutes.
  • Clean with cool water or normal water.

Coconut oil and baking soda hair growth

Coconut oil is one of the best hair oil for hair growth that moisturizes hair completely, protect the hair from damages and decreases the hair protein loss.

Baking soda has an antifungal ability that is good for natural disinfectant of hair. When mixed with coconut oil and make a paste then hair growth automatically increases and treats dandruff.

Almond oil vs coconut oil for hair
coconut oil for hair

How to apply :

  • Take virgin 1 sppon of coconut oil, 1 spoon of baking powder, and 1 spoon of natural honey in bowl.
  • Mix all and ensure to not from lump.
  • Add water in the paste according to requirement.
  • Apply on your scalp.
  • Massage atleast 20 minutes on scalp.
  • Clean with lukewarm water.

Tea tree oil and baking soda

Tea tree oil contains antimicrobial properties and is good for the treatment of fungi. For the treatment of dandruff, add the tea tree oil to the baking powder and get instant results.

The best remedy for dandruff and can be used at the time of hair wash.

Tea tree oil benefits for hair
Tea tree oil benefits for hair

How to apply :

  • Take one spoon of baking soda and spoon of tea tree oil,dissolve the baking soda completely.
  • Add water to make a fine paste.
  • Apply on the paste to the scalp.
  • Gently massage atleast 10 minutes.
  • Clean with lukewarm water.

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Baking Soda hair wash

Lemon and baking soda

Lemon contains astringent properties and is good for removing infectious fungi and bacteria.

Mix with Lemon with baking soda to make an effective mask to remove the dandruff care and hair growth. With this mask, get rid of irritation, hair itchiness and remove the excess oil & sebum by making a flakes-free scalp.

Get healthy hair

How to apply :

  • Take two spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of baking powder in bowl.
  • Make a smooth paste ,apply on the paste and massage for 8 minutes.
  • Clean with lukewarm water.
  • After this,apply hair conditioner that suits on hair.

In case, feel stings and burning sensation then discontinue to use.

Hair Shampoo with Baking soda

It is an easy method to use baking soda when you are using hair shampoo and makes your hair long quickly. Mix the baking soda into your daily shampoo and apply on the scalp, then wash.

Hair growth tips

How to apply :

  • Take one spoon of baking soda & three spoons of water( add the more quantity in the same amount according to hair length).
  • Mix well,apply on scalp first then on complete hair.
  • Leaves for few seconds.
  • Wash with lukewarm water.

Try the patch test before taking applying the above tips for hair growth.

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How to use Baking soda for hair thickening

Get the hair thickening at home with hassle-free tips for making the olive oil and baking soda hair growth.

Olive Oil and Baking soda hair growth

Olive oil is the natural oil for hair growth, makes hair shiny, keeps hair moisturizing, and reduces the dryness of hair. By mixing the olive oil and baking soda, get another way to treat dandruff.

Nourish the hair in natural ways.

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Olive oil for hair growth

How to apply :

  • Take 2 spoons baking powderand half cup of water,dissolve & ensure to not form the lump.
  • Take 2 spoons of olive oil to this paste and mix well.
  • If you have dry hair,then add egg yolk and blend completely.
  • Apply on scalp and massage for few minutes .
  • Leaves for 20 minutes.
  • Clean with lukewarm water.

By adding, egg yolk, hair gets conditioner and shines well.

Baking Soda, Aloe Vera And Honey

As aloe-vera & honey are natural ingredients that make hair strong and healthy. When adding baking soda, aloe vera & honey, the mixture enhances the hair conditions automatically.

Honey moisturizes the scalp completely, retains the lost luster, and makes hair shiny & aloe vera contains vitamins, A, C, E that promote hair growth.

Aloe vera
Aloe Vera for hair growth

How to apply :

  • Take four spoons of Aloe Vera gel, two spoons of honey and half spoon of baking soda.
  • Mix well,and make a smooth mixture.
  • Apply the paste on damaged hair.
  • Leaves for 10 minutes.
  • Clean with lukewarm water.

Take the aloe vera from the aloe vera fresh leaves or buy the aloe -vera gel. Both are good.

Eggs ,Castor Oil and baking soda hair growth

Castor oil has antimicrobial properties which remove all the harmful bacteria. Castor oil is the best oil for promoting the healthier oil, moisturizer the scalp & removes dandruff.

Eggs are the superfood for healthy & natural hair contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and protein.

How To Remove Dandruff Permanently
For shiny and healthy hair

How to apply :

  • Take one spoon of baking soda, three spoons of eggs, 2 spoons of castor oil in a bowl and make a paste.
  • Apply the paste on scalp, massage for few minutes.
  • After this,apply the paste on rest hair.
  • Leaves the paste for 30 minutes and clean with mild shampoo .

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Apple cider vinegar and baking soda hair growth

Baking soda is alkaline in nature & apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature. Apple cider vinegar contains the acetic acid that restores the natural oil from the hair.

By the equal amount of mixing the baking soda and apple cider vinegar, get the neutral ph properties to paste.

Through this paste, scalp ph balanced & reduce excess sebum and get the hair shine & gloss.

Apple cider vinegar for healthy hair
Apple cider vinegar for healthy hair

How to apply :

  • Take equal proportion of baking soda and apple cider vinegar in bowl.
  • Mix well,apply on the scalp.
  • Massage for few minutes only.
  • Clean with through water.
  • Apply the conditioner on hair after paste & clean.

Good to use, if you have colored hair & safe.

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Benefits of using Baking soda on Hair

Lots of baking soda that’s enhances the growing speeds of hair stands and improve the texture of hair And, if you know more then scroll below –

Baking Soda
Benefits of using Baking soda
  • Baking soda is a best cleaner agent that cleans the scalp of grease, product buildup, dirt, dust, and oil which damages the hair.Baking soda cleans the hair completely and make hair clean,soft & thicker.
  • Baking soda removes the fungal infections ,dandruff is the result of fungal infections but baking soda has anti-fungal properties.It is easily absorb the excess oil & never shows flakiness.
  • Due to oil-absorbing properties ,it absorb excessive sebum from the hair scalp and stop the excessive oil production.
  • Good for the growth of healthy hair. It makes the roots and shafts of hair stronger, enhancing the growth of hair strand evenly.
  • It balances the ph of the scalp and reduce scalp itchiness.

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Some risks and side effects of baking soda hair

With lots of benefits of baking soda, the use of baking soda is also some side effects or you should take care when you are applying the baking soda.

Long Straight Hairstyle for Parties
Baking Soda

Following are some of the side effects :

  • If you start excessively using the baking soda,then hair becomes tangles,frizzy and breakage.
  • For the sensitive scalp,hair becomes harsh ,due to abrasive nature of it.
  • When you use the baking soda alone,then most of the time,natural oils of hair removes and lacks of hair lusture and shine.

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Best tips of applying the Baking Soda

Below are the best useful tips that ensure healthy hair and improve the damaged hair:

Side Parted Open Hairstyle
Baking Soda for healthy hair
  • When applying the apple cider vinegar then rinse the hair more beacuse of smell and acidic nature of vinegar.
  • Sometimes,in first use,hair may be dried,don’t panic ,add some the hair oil.
  • When,want to remove dandruff ,mix baking soda with other ingredients ,dont use alone otherwise it may be too harsh for the scalp.
  • Wash with water after applying few minutes ,dont sit for long .If you leaves for long time,then hair loss occur.
  • Apply the hair conditioner ,after baking soda use .
  • For dry hair,add hair oil to make hair soft and sily.
  • In case,too much hair fall seen after after first apply then discontine to apply.
  • Remeber,don’t use the baking soda on face becuse the skin of face is very sensitive and may damaged the face skin.

Difference Confuse with baking powder and baking soda

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, needs acid and a liquid to become activated, and is good to use. On the other side, baking powder includes sodium bicarbonate, with acid.

Required liquid to become activated.

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Baking soda is a good ingredient through which dirt, excess sebum, and dandruff can be removed. With the proper use of baking soda, new hair strands growth and old repair.

Reduce hair fall and loss after some use for normal hair. But in case of dry hair or sensitive hair then don’t use the baking soda or facing any issue after some issue then discontinue.

Get long & healthy hair through the above tips of using baking soda. If you want to know, more about beauty, health and hairstyle then read the other blogs of

Drop the comments in the below box for more information.

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