11 Mehndi Designs For Marriage Girl

15 Mehndi Designs For Marriage Girl

Mehndi designs for marriage girls are famous across India because mehndi is a sign of positivity and fortune. Mehndi is used since ancient times for marriage functions and during festival times.

Without the mehndi, bridal looks are incomplete and especially in north India, mehndi functions separately celebrated by the bride and groom side.

Currently, women and girls apply Arabic mehndi design mostly due to the latest trends and busy lifestyles to give their spare time.

You can apply the Mehndi designs on full hand and leg mehndi design to extremely cherished your mood with tradition.

Nowadays men are also applying the mehndi on their hands in the marriage functions to celebrate at the fullest. So, both men & women, apply the mehndi once in life.

Scroll below, to get know more about the mehndi designs on hand and leg:

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Latest Mehndi designs of 2021

Here, get the latest designs of mehndi that you can apply pre & post-marriage function & of course unmarried girls also apply following stylish mehndi designs to look stylish & unique.

Mehndi designs for after marriage functions:

Four different designs of mehndi that definitely look stylish and bring grace into your hands .

After marriage functions mehndi designs
After marriage functions mehndi designs

Image source@pinterest

These jalidar mehndi designs are catchy with bold and strike looks. Looks great in the hands of every woman or from the brides to girl and women.

Simple mehndi designs to look stylish:

Very simple designs of mehndi for classy looks.

Simple mehndi designs to look stylish
Simple mehndi designs to look stylish

Image source@pinterest

Pretty flowers draw in a line to give delicacy looks and make you elegant. Fill the empty hand, if want too dense looks of mehndi.

Gorgeous Full hand design of mehndi:

Traditional full hand designs of mehndi give the ethnic looks of modern stylish designs.

Gorgeous Full hand design of m
Gorgeous Full hand design of mehndi

Image source@pinterest

Designs composed of motifs, leaf, and flowers that don’t leave empty space on both hands.

Fingers designs for latest mehndi :

Perfect fingers design to look trendy & stylish while going to the office.

fingers designs for latest mehndi
fingers designs for latest mehndi

Image source@pinterest

Lovely designs for fingers with simple diagonal designs. With this contrast, apply the mehndi on the front-hand side.

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Mehndi Designs Back Hand

Mehndi is a very necessary part of every bride’s look and also has some religious significance which we believe to date.

Mehndi designs for marriage girl
Mehndi designs for marriage girl

You can floral types of designs on your hands that give your hand a beautiful look at any occasion of your marriage. This simple design hypnotizing the audience.

Front Hand Mehndi Designs

The front hand of a bride should be extensively filled with the mehndi to enhance the beauty of hands.

Front Hand mehndi design 1
Mehndi Designs Latest

This design is so simple to make at home, you can choose this design if you have a little bit of knowledge of how to make the design of mehndi. The artwork on your palm will be mesmerizing your evening.

Wedding Mehndi Designs

Alluring mehndi designs which a bride can hunt after her marriage fix to look unique.

Mehndi designs full hand
Mehndi designs full hand

Image source@pinterest

Mehndi designs full hand and leg mehndi design are the necessity of every bride in her wedding, through this, you look traditional Indian Bride. Well-defined symmetry depicts your love and feelings.

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Unique Mehndi Designs

Wow, you can apply the minimal design of mehndi on your hands in a unique way, for those who don’t want to sit for a long time.

Mehndi designs latest
Mehndi designs lfor front hand
Mehndi Designs Latest
Mehndi Designs backhand

Draw a flower pattern on your palm and extend the same design on your fingers with the insertion of some lines.

Simple Mehndi Designs For Legs

In marriage, you can apply simple mehndi designs to your legs.

Leg mehndi designs
beautiful Leg mehndi design

You can draw the flower in a round shape that covers the whole area which increases the visual aesthetic.

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Peacock Mehndi Designs

One of the oldest designs of peacock style designs and ever-green design of mehndi.

Mehndi designs latest
Mehndi designs for backside

Image source@pinterest

Cover the complete palm with the peacock style design and extend the design in the same manner to your finger and half parts of your arm in an identical & smart way.

Traditional Mehndi Designs

For a regal and royal look, choose the below traditional mehndi designs on your hands.

Mehndi designs full hand
Mehndi designs full hand

Image source@pinterest

Gorgeous mehndi design for bride looks attractive on your full hand in a traditional way which appeals amazing mehndi designs.

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Leg Mehndi Designs

Quite different design of mehndi which you apply on your leg. Go with design on karwachauth and any major event of your family.

Leg mehndi designs
Leg mehndi design to give you a unique look

Creating a line pattern cross design creativity is the simplest trick to draw the mehndi on your legs.

Foot Mehndi Designs

Simply you make this floral design if you are a beginner, you don’t need to do a lot of practice.

Mehndi designs for marriage girl
Mehndi designs for a beautiful girl

Image source@pinterest

You can draw this design on your foot by making lines, flowers, and leaf designs in an easy way. It looks like an Arabic mehndi design for the foot to enhance your mehndi looks.

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Bridal Mehndi Designs For Full Hands

Get the bridal look of your hands by the below latest mehndi designs.

Mehndi designs full hand
Mehndi designs for full hand

A mix of floral motifs, line, peacock style mehndi design gives you eye-catching looks that cover your full hand and in the same manner, you can also opt for your mehndi design of legs and feet.

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Mehndi Designs Latest

Attractive Arabic mehndi designs are very trendy designs among young girls and women.

mehndi designs latest
Latest Mehndi Designs

The diagonal design of mehndi as an Arabic mehndi design looks stunning and in-demand among the girls . Lots of Arabic mehndi design options are available.

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Question & Answer related to Mehndi Designs For A Marriage Girl

Q.How to find the best design and easy mehndi designs?

A. Nowadays, you can easily find out the mehndi designs online and you can go through our article -15 Mehndi Designs For A Marriage Girl.
If you are a beginner then start with a simple design and move forward.

Q.How I learn mehndi designs?

A. Read the article of bestrani.com to learning the step-by-step guide of the mehndi tutorial. And, search out online and take some tips from mehndi magazine.

Q.Where are simple mehndi designs?

A. Arabic design is one of the simple mehndi designs and if you want to know more then read the article 15 Mehndi Designs For A Marriage Girl.

Q.What the design of mehndi?

A. There are lots of mehndi designs like front hand mehndi design, backhand design, leg mehndi design, and read the article-15 Mehndi Designs For A Marriage Girl.

Q.Is mehndi a design?

A. Yes, it is a temporary design which can make on your body parts, especially on hands and legs. In India, the mehndi function is a tradition & at every wedding, it is mandatory.

Q.What is the price of the mehndi design?

A. Price of the mehndi design will depend on your location. But generally its start from

1. For Bridal Mehndi the pricing starts from Rs.2500 onwards
2. Half Hand mehndi price is Rs.150 per hand, both sides.
3. One full hand mehndi starts from Rs.300, both sides.
4. For full hand and full leg mehndi price is approx. Rs.2000 onwards.

Q.How many types of mehndi are there?

A.Following are the different types of mehndi design latest-
1. Indian Mehndi design.
2. Arabic Mehndi design.
3.Pakistani Mehndi design.
4.Western Mehndi design.
5.Indo-western Mehndi design.
6. Moroccan Mehndi design.
7.Punjabi Mehndi design.
8. Gujarati Mehndi design.

Q.Which mehndi cone is best?

A. Following are the best mehndi cone in the market-
1.Prem Dulhan Mehndi Cone.
2.Kaveri Mehndi cone.
3.Neha Herbals Mehndi Cone.
4.Neeta Mehndi Cone.
5.Bansuri mehndi Cone Henna.

Q.Does Vaseline make Mehndi darker?

A. Apply the Vaseline on your palm to get mehndi darker, Vaseline warm your palm and you will get the shades of mehndi as you want.

Q.Does coconut oil darken mehndi?

A. Yes, coconut oil is darkened mehndi, you can apply the coconut oil after the paste is removed. Actually, coconut oil oxidizes throughout the day and mehndi becomes darker after 24 hours.

Q.How can I darken mehndi overnight?

A. You can darken your mehndi overnight by applying the following –
1. Clean your hand and leg with soap before applying the mehndi on your leg and hand.
2. Use eucalyptus oil
3. Dry the mehndi in a natural way.
4. With the help of smoke, mehndi gets darker.
5. Apply the mixture of lemon and sugar on your half-dry mehndi.
6. Use Vicks for darkening.
7. Don’t use water

Q.Does Vicks make Mehndi darker?

A.Yes, Vicks makes your mehndi darker because Vicks warm the Mehandi, and due to this, mehndi ger darker. Try the Vicks at home and get the result.


I hope, you get the ideas and tips of all mehndi designs for a married girl. Take the ideas and apply them on your occasions of marriage and of course after the marriage functions of your family.

Choose your favorite design and draw at your legs & hand to enhance the happiness of functions. Explore more the stylish, Arabic, minimal, and modern design of mehndi.

With mehndi designs, get the tips on beauty, bridal & stylish modern designs of hairstyle, by visiting our website bestrani.com.

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