How To Apply Liquid Lipstick

How To Apply Liquid Lipstick 2021

The best way on how to apply liquid lipstick is to use perfect tips & tricks while applying lipstick on your lips. It looks easy but when you are going to apply and need the exact shape is quite required practice.

Lipstick is one the major product used in the makeup or your makeup is incomplete without the lipstick.

Get below the tips of how to apply perfect lipstick & enhance the beauty of your face.

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How to put on lipstick professionally

Professional applying & makeup with lipstick is an art that you can do by learning & using it regularly in your day-to-day life. When you in front of the mirror, your hand should be ready for lipstick use.

How To Apply Liquid Lipstick
How To Apply Liquid Lipstick

Here ,are 5 steps of applying perfect lipstick:

Step 1: Clean your lips

Whenever you are going to apply ,first clean your lips so that no dirt present or no rough & loose skin .You can clean the lips by gently apply tooth brush in circular motion.

Apply the little amount of moisturizer on your lips in order to maintain skin of lips.

Step 2: Use face foundation or primer

After cleaning of your lips ,take the foundation as a base & apply on your lips that works as a moisturizing agents & maintain even-out skin tone of your lips skin.

One of the best benefits is to color of skin don’t change because of heat that causes pigment of lips separate from base substances.

You can also take lip primer in place of foundation as per your choice.

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Step 3: Use lip liner

Take the lip liner that clearly define the shape of your lips which you want .By applying lip linear before lipstick makes your lipsticks stick & don’t feather or smudge.

Hide the white contour of lips by applying the lip linear .Its totally up to that, which shades of lip linear you choose with your lipstick color. But same color lipliner is preferred.

With the liquid lipliner ,you can choose the pencil lipliner if your beginner for the ease of applying liquid lipsticks.

You can start to apply from left ,right or center of lips as per your comfort.

Step 4: Powder lip liner

After defining the shape of lip linear ,give some extra lip linear staying effect with the help of sprinkle powder. Take a cotton pad ,sprinkle little amount of translucent powder .

With light hand ,neatly apply on lip linear and remember to not apply more otherwise lip linear blurred.

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Step 5: Apply Lipstick

Choose the favorite color of lipsticks or with the matching dress and apply the lipsticks with lip brush on the lips & take care of lipliner & don’t go beyond. Lipstick with the brush are gives exact shape .

Makeup with lipstick
Makeup with lipstick

Application of liquid brush is more precise & stay longer on lips.

Now take, cotton pad and applied on first coat of liquid lipsticks .Apply the second coat & do again. By doing this, lipsticks stay longer.

If you want then you can apply lip gloss.

How to remove liquid lipstick

Removing liquid lipstick is an important step otherwise, it makes your lips dry & chapped and you start feeling irritated. We, you can simply wipe out the liquid lipstick with normal water.

But it again, lost the shine of your lips & makes you uncomfortable.

how to apply perfect lipstick
how to apply perfect lipstick

Here, some removing agent of liquid lipstick:

1. Oil  

Most essential product of any household, take out any oil like olive oil, coconut oil, or even baby oil drop and put some drops on a cotton pad & dab the oils on all over your lips.

Remover applying lipstick
Remover applying lipstick

Keep watching the clean out lipstick. Now, the lips feel moisturize & healthy.

2. Vaseline 

Vaseline is a great moisturize product which help to gain the hydration of your lips. You can choose the Vaseline to remove the liquid lipstick from your lips.

Simply apply with fingers on your lips & leave for 2 minutes and clean with tissue or cotton pad.

Surely ,the skin of lips also shining after removing the lipstick.

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3. Micellar Water 

Micellar water has more benefits than wipes through which you remove the makeup & it is good to keep your lips hydrated .By removing lipstick through micellar water ,your lips feel refresh.

You can also remove all the dirt from the lips and moisturizer your skin.

4. Lip Balm 

Soothing & the best choice to remove lipstick after your party is to use lip balm. Very simple to use, apply on your lips, leaves for few seconds & clean with tissue or cotton pad.

You can also get benefits if you have chapped and dry lips. You can buy the natural lip balm from the cosmetic shop .

5. Lip Scrub

Buy lip scrub which suits you & apply on your lips to remove the lipstick .Lip scrub is an effective product to remove the lipstick .

Apply the lip scrub, leave for some minutes & wipe out with cotton pad. After scrubbing, apply the lip balm all over your lips so that lips become soft & shiny.

6. Toothbrush 

You have removed your lipsticks & patches of lipstick are still present on your lips then you take out your fresh brush & gently scrub on your lips in circular motion.

Toothbrush to remove liquid lipstick
Toothbrush to remove liquid lipstick

With the help of the brush, all residue particles of lipstick will remove easily with cleaning also. After cleaning, use moisturizer or lip balm to keep your skin lip hydrated & moisturizer.

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FAQ related to How To Apply Liquid Lipstick

How do you apply liquid lipstick for beginners?

To begin applying your liquid lipstick, take your liquid lipstick and use the brush to apply it first to the outer corners of your lower lip. Then, then move downwards towards the bottom edge of your lower lip and line your lower lip with the liquid lipstick.

What should we apply before lipstick?

Follow these easy steps:
Exfoliate your lips. Dry, dead skin is often what makes your lipstick look rough and uneven, so slough it off before you apply any color
Add moisture
Finish up the rest of your makeup
Use lip liner to get the perfect shape
Apply your matte lipstick
Blot lips on a piece of toilet paper

How do you make liquid lipstick look good?

Instead, be sure to prep your lips for liquid lipstick by applying a hydrating balm prior to coloring your lips. If glossy lips are what you’re after, you can layer a lip gloss over your liquid lipstick for a high-shine look that will last longer.

What is the best liquid lipstick?

These are the best liquid lipsticks we tested ranked, in order:
Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain.
Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Lipstick.
Kylie Lip Kit.
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick.
ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip.
STILA Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick.
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick.

How do you make liquid lipstick stay?

How to Make Your Lipstick Last All Day
Exfoliate and Hydrate. Exfoliate your lips with a sugar scrub like Lip Strip by Laura Geller New York.
Prime and Prep. Before applying color, you might want to prep your lips with a primer.
Line and Fill. Lip liner is recommended by the pros to keep color from fading.
Apply and Blot
Set With Powder.

How do you apply liquid matte lipstick?

Exfoliate your lips. It’s essential to start with smooth lips when you plan to wear a matte lipstick. …
Apply a moisturizing balm. X Expert Source JoAnn Solomon …
Put on lip primer. A lip primer ensures your lipstick will stay in place and not bleed or melt during the day. …
Line your lips, then fill them in.

How do you liquify dry liquid lipstick?

Blow dry the end of the lipstick bullet to make it warm so that the dried liquid melts and you get optimum colour. Just hold the bullet really close to the blow-drier and blow dry for 5 minutes. Do this before you plan on applying the shade. Another easy way to rehydrate your lipsticks is by putting them in hot water.

How do you apply liquid lipstick without cracks?

Follow these easy steps:
Exfoliate your lips. Dry, dead skin is often what makes your lipstick look rough and uneven, so slough it off before you apply any color
Add moisture
Finish up the rest of your makeup
Use lip liner to get the perfect shape
Apply your matte lipstick
Blot lips on a piece of toilet paper.

How do you fix sticky liquid lipstick?

If your gloss is sticky or clumpy, try running an ice cube over the top of your lips after applying. It smooths it out and de-goops it. Another easy sticky fix is to dust translucent face powder over the top – not too much, or it will clump.


Liquid lipstick is much attractive & brings glamour to your face so choose to prefer liquid lipsticks & look beautiful.

I hope, the above article helps you to apply liquid lipstick & get to know the removing solutions of lipstick also .Liquid lipstick are long lasting and smudge proof and excellent effects on your lips.

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