Best Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas

10 Best Bridal Beauty & Makeup Ideas for Indian

A wedding look is incomplete without Indian bridal makeup. Options of bridal makeup types in the market are running in numbers & you figure.

If you’re looking for the perfect bridal makeup for your big day, Ladies you’ve got a sea of options to choose from.

Which Indian bridal eye makeup suits you with your wedding outfit which comes dream true.

So, it’s necessary to make sure that you look flawless and radiant, which can be achieved with a combination of proper prepping of skin and the right makeup methods.

South Indian bridal makeup is the best bridal makeup type at home.

Here is a list of trending Bridal makeup which you choose to make your day.

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Bridal Makeup Ideas

To make your wedding look memorable, read below and apply on your wedding day.

It’s necessary to understand the possible weather conditions of your wedding month.

Depending on whether it is a summer, monsoon, or winter wedding, you can design your bridal look accordingly.

For the situation, if you anticipate hot weather, then go for light and natural makeup.

Monsoon brides must go for water-proof makeup, while winter brides must go for full coverage, long-lasting makeup.

Read on and find inspiration in the many various types of makeup styles you’ll see nearby the State.

Bridal Makeup
Bridal Makeup

Traditional Indian Bridal Makeup Types

Planning for traditional bridal makeup types for your big day then go for traditional Indian bridal eye makeup with regal traditional dress. Well, South Indian bridal makeup is a very simple Indian bridal makeup.


For traditional looks, you can do-

  • Bold bridal makeup with dark eyes and dark lips.
  • Choose the dark red color outfit or the different red color shades.
  • Use Glittery Indian bridal eye makeup.
  • Wear heavy traditional jewelry.

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Latest Bridal Makeup Types

With the perfect bridal makeup you can give bridal looks hit and enhance the beauty of your face with completing your overall wedding look. Below images gives you some latest Bridal makeup ideas. 

Latest Indian makeup looks
Latest Indian makeup looks

Flaunt Golden pink shades of eye makeup with pink lipstick.

Trendy Indian Bridal Eye Makeup Looks
Trendy Indian Bridal Eye Makeup Looks

Image Source@pinterest

With the little effect of green shades into bridal makeup and red color lipstick hit your wedding.

Indian Bridal Makeup Looks

Flawless stunning Bridal Makeup with the best bridal makeup types inbuilt glitters on your wedding days. In Indian ,with varying cultures, different Indian bridal eye makeup options available.

You can choose looks according to your preferences of your culture. South Indian bridal makeup is the popular bridal makeup types at home.

North Indian bridal makeup is the perfect combo of Indian bridal eye makeup with attractive lipstick. 

North Indian bridal makeup 1
Bridal Makeup

Image Source@pinterest

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Simple Bridal Makeup

It happens that the bride wants to wear simple makeup at her wedding and its easy bridal makeup at home which gives you immense look.

Simple Indian Bridal Makeup
Simple Bridal Makeup at home

Image Source@pinterest

By following the below tips you can easily do bridal makeup at home –

  • Keep your skin fresh and glowing on Wedding Day.
  • Use lightly bronzer on your face.
  • Apply natural brow pencil.
  • Soft Rosey and gold shade Indian eye makeup use.
  • Do curl on eyelashes with generous coats of mascara.
  • Wear lightweight falsies if you want attractive eyes.
  • Apply with the matching colors of your dress.

Bridal Makeup Step by Step

Woos & worries are keeping rest and apply the step by step Indian bridal makeup which makes diva into your wedding–

Steps of Indian Bridal Makeup
Steps of Bridal Makeup

Bengali Bridal Makeup Styles

Bengali Indian Bridal Makeup
Bengali Indian Bridal Makeup

Bold, beautiful, and attention-grabbing, a Bengali bride is forever decked out to perfection.

A Bengali bride makeup look highlights a bold red lip, tons of blush, a sharp winged eyeliner to highlight.

The bronze-hued eyeshadow, strong well-defined eyebrows, and heavy, luscious eyelashes to accentuate those famous Bengali almond-shaped eyes.

The traditional makeup wonderfully compliments traditional Bengali bridal adornments like the Chandan bindi designs.

That are intricately drawn on the forehead and the elaborate Mukut a crown made out of white shola material- worn for prosperity and good luck.

A Bengali bride is never nervous to stand out and shine in her traditional Indian bridal makeup and carries her look with unfiltered panache.


South Indian Bridal Makeup
South Indian Bridal Makeup
Image Source@pinterest

Kohl’s eyes of Bengali Indian Bridal makeup is complemented itself to her wedding. 

Classy South Indian bridal makeup is simple & elegant bridal makeup at home.

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Muslim Bridal Makeup Styles

Muslim Bridal Makeup

Muslim weddings are generally held in the evenings. For the occasion, the brides often wear a Red Khara Dupatta, which is a traditional wedding dress of Hyderabadi Muslim brides.

Highlighting is often the most-liked aspect of the Muslim bridal makeup for the glow and sheen it gives to the face.

the Muslim Bridal Makeup has also evolved and come a long way from traditional makeup techniques.

The latest technique used in bridal makeup to achieve the flawless magazine-model look which is long-lasting, waterproof, sweatproof, and tearproof is the Airbrush Makeup.

Brides prefer this form of makeup for its flawless finish and lasting power Muslim bridal makeup includes heavy contouring & highlighting too.

Kerala Bridal Makeup

Kerala Bridal Makeup

The signature Red and gold Kerala wedding saree, combined with predominantly plain gold ornaments define Peṇkuṭṭi, the traditional Malayali bride. 

Use bronze or golden highlights and nude lip colors to stick with the look, or combine it with a bright-colored eye.

And lip makeup for a more contemporary bridal look traditional bridal Red saree with a striking gold zari border. Bright orange saree with beautiful golden zari are just as popular.

The eyes are highlighted in smoky kohl or kajal with at least three to four coats of mascara to give it that special smoke, while the lips and faces are shaded in a light pinkish nude.

Telugu Bridal Makeup

Telugu Bridal Makeup

Telugu culture involves a lot of simplicity in the overall marriage culture.The center of attention of a wedding

The stars follow when these queens get married in their vibrant saree and statement making-bindis.

The Telugu bride is lovely, simple, and traditional and Telugu bridal makeup style certainly lives up to that appeal.

Eye makeup is key in Telugu bridal makeup as the forehead is highlighted with an elaborate mating tika that blends into the braided hair.

Ombre impact on the eyeshadow, in neutral, gold, and copper shades is a modern trend that is famous amongst Telugu brides and we sure are catching on.

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Top 11 Tips Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas

Step 1: Wash Your Face

wash your face

First, wash your face with good soap or face wash that your skin prefers most.

If you have dry skin, then moisturize your skin with lotion or moisturizing cream, making your skin soft and smooth.

On the other side, if you got oily and sleek skin, I suggest a good face wash like Himalaya Herbals.

Step 2: Select Dress Color

Dress color, type of makeup, color coordination according to your dress, variety of makeup your skin favors, trendy Indian makeup.

All of even these are important things that should be considered before beginning your makeup. Planning is important for things to run easily.

Now, if you have decided on your dress and find out that what’s best for you, then go to the next step.

Step 3: Cleansing And Facials

Do you know, cleansing and facials perform a great role in makeup. In Indian makeup, the artists ask their brides to come in some before their wedding day so that they can get a facial and cleansing of their face.

The most suitable cleansing milk for you are, Nivea Visage Refreshing, Himalaya deep cleansing, Nivea Aqua Effect.

Clarins with gentian, VLCC Skin Defense Sandal Cleansing milk, Clinique take the day off, fab India, Shi said Revital treatment cleansing milk, and Lotus Herbals Lemon.

Certain cleansing milk is very reasonable and considered the ten best cleansing bowls of milk. Cleansing will smoothen your skin, remove moisture, and preserves the elasticity of your skin.

Here I’m giving you the most reliable Indian facial kits, which you can easily purchase and get a glow on your face.

Step 4: Apply the Primer

Use a Primer

A primer can build a smooth, polished canvas on your skin to hold your makeup for a long time.

It blurs out the open pores, lightens blemishes, and continues an even tone.

Simply squeeze some primer on the back of your hand, mix it with your fingers and use as dots on your face and dab it well to get a blurry effect.

A primer should be used to the base for the makeup to stay for longer hours.

Start with applying the thin layer of primer on your face, neck, and hand skin. Blend completely for staying its long duration. If you have combination skin then it is an essential step.

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Step 5: Taking Care of Under Eyes

If you dark circle then apply concealer to make radiant and vibrant eyes otherwise the eyes look dull.

Step 6: Apply the Base Foundation

Once the color correctors are blended well, you can now build a base by applying a foundation.

You can pick from double wear, liquid-based, cream-based, stick, or cushion foundation depending on the time and section of the event.

Apply a round brush or a wet sponge to gently build the product on your skin. Make sure there are no uneven spots near the forehead and jawline.

Use the base foundation with the matching skin tone and opt anti-aging and use sun -protection foundation if your wedding functions in a day.

Step 7: Highlight the Eyes

Indian Bridal Eye Makeup
Indian Bridal Eye Makeup

Image Source@pinterest

Get rid of excess hair on your eyebrows with a threading session.

If you have very thin brows, use a brow pencil to thicken them. Using a thin brush, fill the areas with real hair color using gentle upward strokes to mimic brow hair.

Highlight the borders with a concealer to hide any flaws

For the proper look of your eyes, apply waterproof with a smudge-proof eyeliner. For a smoky appearance, apply eye shadow with matching colors of your outfit.

Step 8 : Bridal Makeup With Glittery Blue Eyes

This Indian bridal makeup is something you can use as an inspiration to build your reception or cocktail party look.

The bold blue eyes matching the outfit and the red lips sure make the bride’s highlights pop out.

Step 9: Create the Lashes

Wear false lashes to increase the length and the volume of your eyelashes and give the bold and smoky eyes looks

of your eyes.

Step 10: Apply Lipstick

If your lips look too dry and chappy, they are not ready for lipstick yet! Use a lip scrub like sugar and rose water to buff away the dead cells.

Use some lip balm to soften them. You can also use a lip primer to get rid of creases and fine lines.

Outline your lips with a lip liner with matching color or contrast of your outfit and then apply the long-lasting lipstick.

Step 11: Add Final Touches to Make-up

Apply the pink blush on your face and highlight the eye corner, cheekbones, and brow bones to look you gorgeous and in the last add finishing powder to making makeup for a long duration.

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Questions & Answers related to 5 Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas for your W-Day

Q. How Much Does Indian bridal makeup cost?

A. It depends on which place you need the Indian bridal makeup & which kind of makeup you want. From small parlor its starts from 3K and from professional make -up artist it starts from 20K.

Q. What is Indian bridal makeup?

A. Bridal makeup is a type of makeup which is done by a professional artist to make bride beautiful ,gorgeous and unique in wedding.

Q. Which foundation is best for Indian bridal makeup?

A. Choose the below best foundations for bridal makeup-
·         NYX High Definition Foundation
·         M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15
·         Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Normal to Dry Skin
·         M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
·         L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24h Foundation
·         Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation
·         Maybelline New York Dream Velvet Foundation
·         Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation
·         Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation
·         Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Stay in Place Makeup

Q. How do bridal makeup step by step?

A. Refer  our article-8 Latest Indian Bridal Makeup.

Q. What is Indian bridal makeup trends 2020?

A. Best bridal makeup trends are-
·         Bold Brows & Eyes
·         Dewy Makeup
·         Goth Lips
·         Pink Eyeshadow

Q. How can I do bridal makeup at home?

A. Refer  our blog-8 Latest Indian Bridal Makeup.

Q. How do simple bridal makeup at home?

A. Refer  our blog-8 Latest Indian Bridal Makeup.

Q. Is it a good idea to do your own wedding makeup?

A. If you are an expert then definitely you can proceed.

Q. How do bride make up?

A. Refer  our blog-8 Latest Indian Bridal Makeup.

Q. What is the best bridal makeup?

A. You can choose HD bridal make up as it doesn’t shown an layer on your face and looks like natural skin.


Hope you can get the latest bridal makeup ideas with some steps and you liked it. South Indian bridal makeup is very trending nowadays.

If you want to know which hairstyles suit your dress then check 7 Best Trending Party Hairstyle for Girls and for nail arts on your W-Day then check.

Share your valuable comments for more information.

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