Nail Art For Beginners

Top 36+ Easy to Do at Home Nail Art Designs for Beginners

Freshly painted nails feel amazing, due to this, you step out to bring some new easy nail art for beginners to pamper yourself. Well, nail art idea is the latest fashion which every girl to do on her nail on every occasion.

It’s expensive if you hire a nail artist & you don’t have any nail art ideas and you are facing the nail art compilation of nail art for short nails. Don’t worry, we rounded up here with some easy nail art for beginners.

Nail Art for Beginners

Scroll down all the easy nail art ideas for the incredible and unique design of nail art for beginners.

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Dots & Stripes Nail Art for Beginners

Hassle the nail art compilation in a trendy way by the combination of dots & stripes easy nail art.

DOT-strip-design -Nail Art ideas
DOT-strip-design -Nail Art ideas

Image Source @pinterest

Proceed the steps as shown in the image and create the simple classy nail art short nails. You can go with dots & strips nail art ideas in the summer & rainy season when you are outing with your friends.  

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Nail Art ideas for Wedding

Best nail art for wedding season and of course you can also opt for your marriage.

Nail Art ideas for Wedding
Nail Art ideas for Wedding

Image Source @pinterest

It is the perfect combination of red and golden color and brightens the looks of your hand on your favorite occasion. You can replace the red color with the same color of your outfit to rock the crowd. 

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Amazing Dots Easy Nail Art

Dots nail art is the easiest nail art for beginners which you create in a few seconds by doing easy nail art steps.

Easy Nail Art
Easy Nail Art

Image Source @pinterest

It is simple, impressive, and the prettiest nail art for young girls. You can try dots design with all the available nail polish at your home by doing mix-match.   

Glitter Nail Art Ideas for Beginner

Flaunt with glitter nails when you are going to a party. A combination of blue and black is always pretty and goes with the ranges of the outfit. 

Glittery Nail Art for Beginners
Glittery Nail Art for Beginners

Image Source @pinterest

You can get this look at home very easily by applying black nail polish as a base and light blue glitter nail polish on the tip part of your nails. Complimentary nail art!   

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Magical Metallic Easy Nail Art

Sweetest combo of metallic nail polish that instantly lightens& shining your nails. The color combo is amazing and impressive when you are attending any events.  

Metallic -Easy Nail Art
Metallic -Easy Nail Art

Image Source @pinterest

Try this super cute design with simple techniques with whatever nail polish color you have to enhance the beauty of your nails.   

Nail Art Ideas for Beginners – Valentine Day

On your special day, a very attractive and impressive design nail art for beginners.

Easy nail art for beginners
Easy nail art for beginners

Image Source @pinterest

You can bring two shades of pink nail polish with one red nail polish and a thin brush to beautify your nail. Paint pink color first, then through thin brush makes lip shape as shown in the image. Sure ! to fascinate your Valentine & make your day :).

Easy nail art for short nails -Scales Design

This is one of the best nail art for short nails and nail art ideas for nails to look amazing. It is the combination of blue, grey, green, black, silver, and red colors nail polish that gives brightness to your nails. If you need to hurdle out nail out compilation then you can opt for this nail art beginner design.

Nail art for short nails
Nail art for short nails

Image Source @pinterest

Note -Try with the different colors of nail polish and proceed in the same manner, definitely get a super look!

Cyan-White Pink Floral Nail Art Ideas

Floral design is an all-time favorite nail art idea of all women which likes spring and make by easy nail art for short nails and long nails.

Easy nail art for beginners
Easy nail art for beginners

Image Source @pinterest

You can try the floral design in the summer seasons and when you are going on a beach vacation. It can be matched with your dress and make your day full of energy. The nail art design is so simple which you can make at own by removing all worry about nail art compilation.

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Leafy Easy Nail Art For Amazing look

This leafy nail art is one of the easy nail art without nail art compilations which you can do when you are in hurry to go out with your friends.

Easy nail art for beginners
Easy nail art for beginners

Image Source @pinterest

It involves no nail art compilation and you can try out this easy nail art design to make your nail fabulous at any holiday place with only one color nail polish.

White color nail design is simple and unique and by adding some bright color nail polish, it gives vibrant looks which rock your moods at your favorite place without nail art compilation. Try it out now!

Two-Toned Pink Nail Art Ideas

Very simple nail art for short nails and long nails and easy to recreate at your home.

Easy nail art for beginners
Easy nail art for beginners

Image Source @pinterest

It is the mix of pink, white, and golden nail polish that instantly brightens up your nails. You can flaunt with two-toned white-pink easy nail art in any season.

I Hope, the above all nail art for beginners is very simple to create. You can choose this easy nail art which gives your nails an instant make-over to look the nails fresh and beautiful. By visiting our, you can get more information about fashion, lifestyle, and many more.

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 Almond Shaped Nail Art with Chevron Design

 Almond Shaped Nails
 Image Source@pinterest

A cuter, shorter version of oval nails, almond-shaped nails are narrower and end in a rounded point. Related to oval nails, almond-shaped tips also give your hands an elongated and slim look.

To get this shape, you have to file slender sides, have a naturally wide base and bring the tip to a peak – almost like an original almond. The shape can be worn for medium to long nails and is slimming in its overall look.

As charming as the shape is, it can make your natural nails weak, so take care. Reinforce your nails with gel polish or acrylics for added energy.

Short Squoval Nail Art 

Short Squoval Nails
 Image Source@pinterest

As the name suggests, Short squoval nails are a mixture of square and oval nail shapes.

It combines the fashionable range of oval nails with the contoured edges of square shapes but makes it softer in appearance.

Also known as the soft square, this shape is also easy to manage and is universally flattering on everyone.

Metallic Oval Nail Art Design

Metallic Oval Nails
 Image Source@pinterest

Kylie Jenner’s go-to Insta-worthy manicure, oval nails look great on longer lengths. Metallic Oval Nails Art Design.

They are also thinner and more feminine in shape when related to the round and square shapes.

Unique in their look, because the tip is soft and blunt, they can make your hands look longer.

Oval shapes look flattering on wide nail beds and are the common choice to present nail art on.

Galaxy Nail Art Designs

galaxy nail art designs
 Image Source@pinterest

The black base coat must be used on the nails to pop up the galaxy nail art Designs incredibly.

Rub the pink-colored paper upon the nails as soon as the black nail enamel dries partially to get wine-colored nails and frictional nails.

Then easily apply glittered transparent nail enamel at the end to make your galaxy nail art.

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Anchor Nails Art Design

Anchor Nail Art
 Image Source@pinterest

Polish out to make a Nails Art Design thereby sticking the rhinestone at the tip of the Anchor Nails Art Design.

You may also stick studs and rhinestones along the support to get a new design.

Let other nails be easy and in one hue to enhance the glory of one nail.

Leaf Print Nail Art

Leaf Print Nail Art

What makes nail art a matter of fun and creativity is the truth that you can color your leaves in Green as well! Yes indeed.

 Leaf Print Nail Art you can! Paint nails in white and make out the mind-blowing leafy design that involves only the borderline of leaves making it a perfect one.

Watermelon Nails Art Design

Watermelon Nail Design
 Image Source@pinterest

Do you want your Watermelon Nails Art Design to eating watermelon along with you? The delightful watermelon designs look fascinating and mouth-watering over the white base coat.

Paint out watermelons on two nails and let the three nails be simply pink colored. You may also get twisted lines in white-colored nail enamel.

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Easy Nail Art Designs with Zigzags and Stripes

Easy Nail Designs with Zigzags
 Image Source@pinterest

Apply white enamel to be used as nail art making up the zebra print nail art with black.

A different style statement with this amazing zebra nail art is intensely authentic since it looks like you have pasted zebra’s skin on your nails.

Phoenix will take time to be with the beginners. This pretty nail design may look complex, but we promise you it’s way easier than it seems!.

All you need is some black and white nail polish and a pair of scalloped shears.

  • Use shearing shears in cutting the zigzag or scalloped pattern onto some scotch tape. 
  • Use a white color onto your nails, then let them dry. 
  • To finish up, stick the tape on the nails and use the second color. Voila

Easy Nails Art Design with Clouds

Easy Nail Design with Clouds
 Image Source@pinterest

Easy Nails Art Design with Clouds This gorgeous nail design looks tricky to do, but it’s super easy to manage. You just need to follow our simple technique.

  • Begin this nail design by painting the first layer of clouds vertically applying a light mint green polish. 
  • Continue with using white nail polish as your second color then lastly paint the red color to complete the look.

Easy Nail Art Designs with Black Diagonals

with Black Diagonals
 Image Source@pinterest

Easy Nails Art Designs with Black Diagonals This look is for somebody who wants to have a minimalistic yet quirky nail design, and it’s super easy to do!

  • Take some scotch tape and place it diagonally on your nail.
  • Paint a black color. Remove the tape and let it dry.

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Easy Nail Art Designs with Scotch Tape

Nail Art Designs with Scotch Tape
 Image Source@pinterest

Get original when applying the nail polish and design some unique looks. Easy Nail Art Designs with Scotch Tape

  • First, use a base coat.
  • Cut your preferred shape out of some scotch tape.
  • Later the base coat has dried up, place the strips of tape onto the nails. 
  • Use the topcoat and enjoy having this marvelous design

Easy Nail Art Designs with Text

Easy Nail Designs with Text
 Image Source@pinterest

This nail design is a quirky way of adding some unique messages to your nail art. Easy Nail Designs with Text

  • Start by painting all your nails with a different base color.
  • Paint the tip of your nails white.  
  • Use a thin marker to add some writings on the nails.

Easy Two-Toned Nail Art Designs

Easy Two-Toned Nail Designs
 Image Source@pinterest

This is one of the easiest nail designs for beginners on our list. Easy Two-Toned Nail Designs

  • First, use dark-colored nail polish as the base coat.
  • Then put a single swipe of pink nail polish on the top center of the nails.

Easy Nail Designs with Fine Stripes

Easy Nail Designs with Fine Stripes
 Image Source@pinterest

This beautiful nail art design is an eye-catching style you must try Easy Nail Designs with Fine Stripes

  • Use your base coat and let it dry. 
  • Use a fan brush to create very fine stripes. 
  • Dip the fan brush in different colors and spread them over to the nails horizontally.

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Easy Nail Designs with Christmas Lights

Easy Nail Art Designs
 Image Source@pinterest

This fun nail design prompts us of an arts and crafts lesson, and the results are beautiful Practice creating some festive Christmas lights on your nails for this year’s holiday season. Easy Nail Designs with Christmas Lights

  • Decorate your nails white and let them dry. 
  • Once it has dried up, use a clear coat. 
  • While your nails are wet, loop a cotton piece of string on your nails.
  • Use a cotton bud and design some lights in it.

Easy Nail Art Designs with Lace Pattern

Easy Nail Designs with Lace Pattern
 Image Source@pinterest

This gorgeous nail design can create a snakeskin pattern all from a piece of old lace. Easy Nail Art Designs with Lace Pattern.

  • First, use a clear coat on your nails and paint the tips, Black. 
  • Wrap your fingers in lace then dab your nail polish onto a clean sponge. 
  • Dab the sponge over the lace, then remove and let your nails dry.

Simple Dot Nail Art Designs

Simple Dot Nail Designs
 Image Source@pinterest

This is one of the most simple and easiest designs that you can do to your nails from home. Simple Dot Nail Art Designs 

  • You can opt to use a clear nail polish fist or none at all.
  • Place a single dot to your nails by using a bobby pin and create an adorable, subtle look.

Easy Splatter Nail Art Design

Easy Splatter Nail Design
 Image Source@pinterest

This look is excellent for both long and short nails as well as being such an easy DIY nail design. Easy Splatter Nail Art Design.

  • Start by painting your nails white and black. 
  • Get a makeup brush and dip it in bright-colored nail polish. 
  • Then dip the makeup brush into some nail polish remover to thin it out. 
  • Pull back the brush to splatter the polish of all your over nails. 
  • Continue doing this with other colors. 
  • You can use at least three bright colors to complete the look.

Easy Lightning Strike Nail Art Designs

Easy Lightning Strike Nail Designs
 Image Source@pinterest

This lightning strike nail design does the job of making a statement. Easy Lightning Strike Nail Art Designs 

  • First, use Pink color on your nails. 
  • Next, combine pink and Golden colors and mix with a toothpick.
  • Use a sponge to use the colors onto your nails. 
  • Then use a micro-tipped pen to paint a Golden design that resembles a lightning strike.

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Easy Multi-Colored Striped Nail Art Designs

Easy Multi-Colored Striped Nail Designs
 Image Source@pinterest

Get creative with multi-colored stripes for your DIY nail designs. Easy Multi-Colored Striped Nail Art Designs

  • First, paint your nails with pink nail polish. 
  • Then easily use a thin paintbrush to draw the different stripes.

Easy Shamrock Nail Art Designs

Easy Shamrock Nail Designs
 Image Source@pinterest

Celebrate St. Patrick’s day every year with this cool and easy shamrock nail design. Easy Shamrock Nail Art Designs

  • Use a light green and Golden nail polish as your base coat. 
  • Use a thin paintbrush to paint the shamrock design using dark green nail polish.

Use Sharpies for Your Easy Nail Art Designs

Sharpies Nail Art Designs
 Image Source@pinterest

It’s not required that you have to use nail polish every time you do your nails. For this nail design, you can simply use sharpies to create these fabulous shapes. Use Sharpies for Your Easy Nail Art Designs

  • Start by using a base coat.
  • Then use a gold or silver sharpie to create wonderful shapes.

Easy Nail Art Designs with Yellow Triangular Tips

Nail Art Designs
 Image Source@pinterest

This nail design makes it idea from the classic French tips, but with a twist, Easy Nail Art Designs with Yellow Triangular Tips

  • Start with a clear base coat.
  • Then simply paint a yellow triangle on the tips of your nails and apply a top coat to finish up.

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Easy Nail Art Designs Cookie Crisp Lines

Nail Art Designs Cookie Crisp Lines
 Image Source@pinterest

have got the versatility of being perfect for a celebration as well as a regular day at work.

This super easy yet stunning mani does just that! The contrast between the crystal Black base coat and the black leading stripe housing the little lines is especially striking.

What you need to use is Black nail paint, a light blue, and orange enamel, a small striping brush, and nail tape that’s the key to making neat and crisp lines.

Check out the below inspiration by Nailed It to recreate the Funky Cookie Crisp Lines on your fingertips all by yourself.

Nail Art Delicate Lace Stamping

Nail Art Delicate Lace Stamping
 Image Source@pinterest

Nail Art Delicate Lace Stamping design Neutral and delicate is forever in, no matter what’s the talk of the town.

Going somewhat simple is what this Delicate Lace Stamping is all about, with a soft base of nude stamped with two various designs from a Konad Plate using some white stamping polish.

Head to the below guide by Procrastinails to gain a deeper insight into the nail art and recreate the same within minutes.

After all, who wouldn’t love when their nails look just so luxurious and delicate.

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10 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners

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