Curly Hair.

How To Get Curly Hair Overnight

Now, it is easy on how to get curly hair overnight with some simple steps at home. Curl your hair without getting damaged hair and do not require heat through which curl formed.

Many of us want to curl hair in some special moments of our lives & look different.

Curly or wavy hair changes your entire looks and suits on different occasions. Don does not need to go parlor for the curly hair, you can do it your own by following the below procedure.

Below, you can get the tips on how to make wavy hair at home :

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How to get curly hair Overnight without heat

Heat may harm your hair so below are recommended ideas for curling hair :

How To Get Curly Hair Overnight
How To Get Curly Hair Overnight

Overnight Braids for Loose Curls

Now dreams come true of overnight curls & make curly hair hairstyle of your choice.

One Side Braid hairstyle
Loose Curls

By making braids are the simplest ways to get loose curls. When you go to bed at night then first clean your hair and do the completely dry of hair. After this, start making the loose curls.

Make braids till the end of the hair so that curl covered all the hair. You can make lots of braids as much you dense the curl.

When you wake up in the morning, open your braids and gently open the curl. Take a wide comb or wide brush & comb the hair to separate the curl smoothly.

Hair Rollers

Hair roller might be taking you less time and fewer efforts to make curl as compared to braids. You can simply buy out hair rollers from the market and choose the size of rollers as you want to size of curls.

Hair roller
Hair roller

Clean your hair and dry but don’t dry the complete hair, now take the roller and roll it up in the hair. Put the sheet or scarf so that the hair don does not open during sleep.

After 8 to 10 hours, remove the roller and comb with the fingers to separate curls.


Open Hairstyle With Puff And Curls
Curly Hair

With the use of a headband, you can get the curl on your hair overnight. Take out some stretchy headbands from the market and tie and don’t tight too much.

Separate the hairs into different sections and loop them over the headband a number of times so that lots of curls formed.

Leave for 8 to 10 hours for better results.

T-Shirt Hair Halo

This idea is the same as the headband method and the best method for getting bouncy, ring & gentle waves.

Laser Cut Hairstyle For Long Hair
Wavy Hair

First, wet your hair & semi-dry your hair. Take your t-shirt and twist properly until it makes a rope and connects with a hair tie.

Now you start from the front side of hair and pull up a section and gently wind around the halo.

When the hair completely dries then remove the T-shirt.Best to use fingers from up to down direction to separate the curls.

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How to get curl hair overnight naturally

Try out the below methods for getting the ring types of bouncy hair :


As the word twist, you just need to twist your hair strand and get the curly hair. You can take toilet paper, a pipe cleaner, baby wipes, or make-up wipes whatever available at your home.

Trendy Curly Hairstyle

Twists are a good method if you have thinner hair and have less time and get the desired amount of curls as you want. Best way to get dense & wavy curls at your home.

Wet your hair first properly and a little bit dry.

Choose the one from the above to twits and hold a small section of soft hair & start rolling up from the end of the hair.

And continue till the height, you need the curl of your hair and tie the twist so that it doesn’t open. In the same manner, complete the rest of the hair.

Leave the hair till dry completely and then remove the paper from the hair and open it. Separate the curl through the fingers only, do not apply brush otherwise curl open.

French Braid

Want curl from close to the scalp then a french braid can do it and cover all the hair from scalp to the end.

Side Braided Hairstyle

You can simply make 3 to 4 french braids by dividing the hair into small sections and the number of braids actually depends on the size of the curl.

You can make two french braids on both sides and get the fantastic curl, might be looking un-even but enhance the beauty of hair.

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How to get Curl hair overnight Black girl

Mostly on occasion, we want to try something new, this time make curl on your beautiful hair. Choose the following method to get curly hair very fast :


Plaiting is another best method to get the perfect curls in your hair with less effort. You take 2 hair ties & hair spray.

Twist And Curl
Beautiful Curl

Wash your hair and let it dry almost 70 % and divide it into small sections & interlace the hair on either side. Make two interlace of your head when your curl at the end of your hair.

For complete curls, make 2 french plaits or twist on both sides of the head and make sure plaits should be tight. Dry the hair before going to bed & leave till the morning.

In the morning, open the curl with the fingers, and in the last spray the hairspray on the curl.

Note: Remember one thing, when you want the curl then don’t brush your hair because the curls of your hair open.

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I hope, you get the answer on how to do overnight curls and look gorgeous and beautiful. Through curling your hair, you can make different hairstyles with the matching of your dress and occasion.

All the above tips are safe to use and never damage your hair, so get free from all tension and flaunt with curl hair.

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