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Smokey Eye Makeup For Dark Skin

Smokey eye makeup for dark skin looks elegant and classic that brings glam to your look instantly. Dark skin gives more attention when they are going to make up for a bold look

For smokey looks on dark skin, you need to choose a dark color to give a more appealing appearance when you step out.

Smokey eyes give a sexy look while you wearing the western attire but it goes with the Indian dress also, depends how you dress up.

Below are the best tips on eye makeup smokey that make you beautiful.

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Smokey Eye Makeup For Dark Skin

Below are the different kinds of smokey eye makeup that you can apply on your date, party, and whenever you are going out.

eyeliner for big eyes
Eye makeup

1.Classic Black smokey eyes-In the classic, you apply kohl on your waterline and blend the black shade and smoke it out. With the help of a dark color, the liner draws a sharp shape and clears the excess colors.

2.Warm brown smokey eyes-Apply a dark brown color shade to give the neat look of smokey eyes. Apply a warm brown color at the outer corner of your eyes but in middle, use medium brown color.

3.Smudged smokey eyes look-Apply primer and foundation to base the eyes with loose powder & draw thick eyeliner with kohl on the upper lid and with brush extend the rough wing.

4.Unicorn smokey eyes-After applying primer, foundation, and loose powder apply purple color eyeshadow and electric blue color eyeliner, and blue color mascara for unicorn smokey eyes.

5.Glittery smokey eyes-Choose the shadow & eyeliner color of your choice but add golden glitter on the inner half of your lid and blend in outwards direction. Take sharp and dark glitter liner.

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Eye makeup for dark skin step by step

If you are a beginner then below are step by step guide for eye makeup through which you can easily do the makeup of your eyes. Eye makeup smokey makes your eyes dramatic and bold look.

Smokey Eye Makeup For Dark Skin
Smokey eyes
  • For starting of your makeup,first clean your face and wash through soap and water.One thing is to remember that do not make up on unclean face.This is very important step.
  • Take a cotton ball,dip into toner and apply on your face.Toner makes your skin smooth and reduce clogs and pores ,you can also use on every day.
  • After toner,apply the thin layer of foundation on your face .
  • If you dark circles,uneven skin tone and blemishes then take a concealer with matching skin tone and texture.Take out the concealer on your finger in ittle amount and apply on dark circle areas.
  • Take care when you applying the products around your eyes due to eyes senstiveness.
  • Take a eyeshadow palette of your choice and apply dark eyeshadow of your matching dress color as a base.With the help of soft eye shadow brush apply on eyelid.
  • For the smokey look of eyes,start drawing from the middle of the eyes to outer corner of eyes .And at the outer corner of eyes ,make a V shape which looks like shape of smoke.
  • And for the smokey looks of your eyes ,mascara on eyes are very necessary and in the end put the mascara for the perfect looks.
  • Use the eyebrow pencil to complete the eye makeup.Take light brows pencil with making harsh lines .

Note: If your beginner then tries 2 to 3 times for getting the right smokey looks. Check out in the mirror for perfect smoking eyes makeup.

Apply the lipstick with the matching colors of smokey eye makeup. So, that your make-up looks gorgeous.

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Smokey eyes makeup

Follow the tips on smokey eyes makeup that makes you look attractive and beautiful.

eyeliner for almond eyes
eye make up

1. Use Smudge-Free with a Primer

Primer is the base of any makeup and for eye makeup, it’s a necessary step to give smoky looks. When you use primer, then dark shadow and eyeliner stay too long period as compared to without. Smudge-free does not damage the makeup.

2. Use a Bit of Brown

Use brown color eye shadow to give warm looks of smoky eyes.

3. Try different colors

Choose dark colors, like deep plum, navy blue, charcoal gray, or dark olive when you making smoking eye makeup. Don’t always take a black color for the smoky looks.

4. Lashes Selection

The same is the case with lashes, choose other colors of lashes but for dark skin, the dark color of lashes suits more. Try out and make comfortable yourself now.

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Brown Smokey Eye Black Girl

The best way for applying the brown smokey eye black girl is as follows:

Natural Lip Plumper
Beautiful eye makeup
  1. You can apply a medium-tone eye shadow all over eyelid.Choose to take greys,browns colors to make a subtle smokey base.
  2. Now,use a eyeliner along the lash line choose dark color of eyeliner to pop the eyes.You can also try gel eyeliner.
  3. With eyeshadow,brush the smoke looks before it sets.
  4. Apply a layers of dark tone eyeshadow over the eyeliner and blend smartly partly on the up side of lid and into the lid shadow.
  5. Draw at the lower lash line & then smudge out for smokier finish .
  6. Apply mascara on your eyes & layered atleast 3 to 4 coats for full lash looks.
  7. In the last,sparkle shadow with the help of your fingers .

For the brown smokey color chose the espresso color and combine charcoal color with more stunning effects.

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Easy to get smokey eye makeup when you follow the above step-by-step procedure and choose the best colors that suit dark skin and match with your dress.

Smokey eye makeup brings breathtaking and dramatic looks that make you gorgeous in front of an audience.

Visit our website to get more tips on eye makeup and different kinds of drawing eyeliner.

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