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8 Tips on How to remove skin tags in one night

How to remove skin tags in one night is always wandering for those who have skin tags. Although skin tags don’t give any medical complications, they don’t look good on the visible parts of the skin.

Skin tags may occur at any parts of body like neck ,underarm, eyes and any other place. Mostly its start occurring when you become adult.

Skin tags annoys lots of times, especially when rub with clothes.

Sometimes, it requires no treatment and falls on its own but sometimes due to home remedies or with doctor consultation, removal of skin tags is possible.

Read below the some simple homemade remedies to get rid of skin tags and makes skin flaunty smooth and unblemished skin.

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Homemade tips on removal of skin tags

Well, in the market, lots of products are available through which you can remove the skin tags and also consult the doctor for the treatment of skin tags in case you feel.

But homemade remedies are safe and easy to use & most of the time, their result is too effective and satisfactory. Noted here, when you are going to use homemade tips then first take a patch test on your skin.

Below here,list of homemade products that treat your skin tag:

1.Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is one of the ingredients that treat skin tag removal and remove completed from your body with treating other skin conditions.

With the use of tea tree oil ,tag may removed after few days.

Remover applying lipstick
Tea Tree Oil

How to use?

  • Take few drops of tea tree oil on the cotton ball and bandage.
  • Apply the cotton ball on the skin tags and fix the bandage.
  • Leave for at least 10 minutes and then take out.

Noted : Use tea tree oil three times a day .

Don’t use the tea tree oil near your eye area because it start irritating you.

2.Apple cider vinegar

Research shows that apple cider vinegar remove skin tags. Use the apple cider vinegar till the tags fall down.

But when you are using the apple cider vinegar ,watch very closely due to acidic nature of vinegar. And never use near your eye area.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

How to use?

  • Soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar.
  • Affix the cotton ball on the tag and keep the bandage.
  • Leave for 15 minutes.

Noted : Use apple cider vinegar three times a day .

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Through the use of liquid iodine, skin tags are easy to remove skin tags and before the use of iodine on your body parts, first, apply the petroleum jelly or coconut oil to the surrounding area.

Liquid iodine
Liquid Iodine

How to use?

  • Take out the petroleum jelly or coconut oil & apply to the surrounding area of the tag.
  • Take few drops of liquid iodine on a cotton ball and keep them at skin tags.
  • Cover with a bandage.
  • Leave till the iodine become dried

Note : Use this tips twice a day untill the tags removed.

4. Banana Peel

Banana is good in many ways for the healthy of the skin and beneficial for treating skin problems. With the use of banana peels, skin tags removed very easily.


How to use?

  • Take out the peel of the banana and apply it on skin tags.
  • Cover the banana peel tightly with a bandage and leave overnight.

Note :Use this tips in daily night until tags fall down.

Best ways of How to remove skin tags in one night

Following are the best way through which you remove all your skin tags in easy way.

1. Vitamin E Oil

Due to skin aging and other reason, skin tags occur on your skin but the Vitamin E oil that contains powerful antioxidants is the best remedy for removing skin tags.

When you start applying Vitamin E oil on tags then skin tags starts shrinking and disappear after few days.

vitamin E oil
Vitamin E oil

How to use?

  • Take some drops of Vitamin E oil and apply on skin tags.
  • Massage gently and leave overnight.

Note :Use daily before going to bed.

2. Garlic Paste

Garlic contains anti-inflammatory properties and due to which removal of skin tags is easy. Garlic makes your skin clear & smoothing looks.


How to use?

  • Take some garlic and mince it into small pieces.
  • Make a paste and apply it directly to the skin tags.
  • Cover with a bandage and leave for an hour.
  • Wash with cool water and soap.

Note :On alternate days ,you can use garlic paste on tags.

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3.Baking soda & Castor Oil

Another best home products that treat the skin tags, baking soda alter level of skin pH and stop the bacteria due to which skin tags occur.

Castor oil has other remedies to provide spotless skin and the combination of baking soda & castor oil are the best to make your skin from tags.

Baking Soda
Baking soda

How to use?

  • Take pinch of baking soda & add few drops of castor oil .
  • Make a paste without forming any lump.
  • Apply the paste on skin tags.
  • Leave for an hour .
  • Wash with normal water.

Note :Castor oil is very sticky so you can also use the soap to remove greasiness of castor oil .

4.Manuka honey

Manuka honey is the secret of the beautiful skin and used for many years for its amazing benefits on skin treatment .It is non-peroxide due to which good for best antibacterial properties.

After using the manuka honey on skin tags ,its prevent the supply of oxygen to the affected area and remove the bacteria or skin tags.

Honey & Lemon Facial Cleanser
manuka honey

How to use?

  • Take some amount of manuka honey.
  • Apply on the affected area.
  • Cover or seal with a bandage completely.
  • Leave for an hour or you may also leave overnight.

Note :Use the manuka honey daily on skin tags until the skin tags removed.

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Here, lots of methods are present to get rid of skin tags according to your choice and that’s your suit. Now, make your skin smooth without having a skin tag and looks beautiful always whenever and wherever you are.

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