Indian bridal makeup for round face

5 Ideas of Indian Bridal Makeup For Round Face

Indian bridal makeup for round face is very charming and attractive. When bridal makeup is going for a round face then the grace of the face automatically enhances.

On the round face, lots of stylish hairstyles suited. You can make different hairstyles & choose whatever you like.

During the wedding, a list of functions is going on & you need to dress -up & do the bridal makeup that makes your memorable day and captured the moments through photographs that can you see a lifetime.

You have to look different from among others and catchy from head to toe .All the accessories are looks great when your bridal makeup are superb.

So, choose wisely and give a smart and gorgeous look through world-best bridal make up with stylish hairstyle on your D-day.

Read out below the different ideas on bridal makeup of beautiful round face.

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Round Face Bridal Hairstyle Indian

Chubby faces are full of magic on which you can try different types of hairstyle one by one. Lots of events in a wedding like mehndi ceremony, Haldi ceremony, sangeet function, wedding day & wedding reception.

Not one hairstyle goes with all functions and all dress ,you need to select the hairstyle in which you look gorgeous with bridal look.

Below list of hairstyle for charming round face :


Wedding hairstyle Indian
Wedding hairstyle Indian

Hair style for wedding:

1.Do the back curling of your hair

Well suited for Mehndi & Haldi ceremony of your wedding. You have the option to curl all the back hair and take some hair from both sides and through the clip, pin-up at the back of center.

You can also make a side braid from both sides or a single side & pin-up at back & rest open the hair. Same way, you can also take all the hair from one side & pin-up it on one side.

It suited best when you have medium & long hair and when you wear lehenga or long suit.

2.Make the bun with messy ear locks

Great looks when you wear traditional dress during your wedding and also have the options for post wedding functions when you wear saree.

Make a low bun & curl some shorts hair near to ear & open all of them. To look more classy, use some elegant accessories on your bun.

3.Beautiful Braided Bun

Million buck gorgeous look that steal the eyes on every wedding attendee at your wedding place. Very easy hairstyle where you can make two side braid and low bun.

Its totally up to you to increase the number of braid.

4.Classy Messy Bun

For Elegant and simple look ,choose classy messy bun. At your reception or when you go out while wearing wearing western dress ,you opt this hairstyle.

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Indian Bridal Look For Round Face

When your wedding fixed then you start learning some make-up tips which go with all the pre and post-wedding functions.

At marriage, looking unique and beautiful is the choice of every girl.

Lots of ceremony before & after the wedding & sometimes it is not possible to hire for a bridal makeup artist for any occasions.

So, you need to know how to select the accessories with dress & matching make-up.

You will rock your wedding when have amazing bridal makeup with stylish hairstyle at all the events of your wedding.

hairstyle for round face in saree
Hairstyle for round face in saree

Smartly select the some things for Indian Bridal look like:

  • Choose the elongated jewelry for the neck.
  • Jewelry design should be angular not pointed.
  • Vintage nath looks make your face slim.
  • Choose the bun when you are going to wear an ethnic dress.
  • Sharp your eyebrow & make an arch.
  • Go with V-Shape or round shape neck for a blouse.

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South Indian Wedding Hairstyle For Round Chubby Face

When you having a cute chubby face & choose a marvelous hairstyle then your overall personality becomes pleasing and attractive.

It is possible to make the face slim & sharp by doing make-up & selecting the hairstyle.

Its is an art to define the features of your face by incorporating the makeup.

When you are going to hire make-up artist on your W-Day then discuss with them about your looks clearly.

They have lots of option & suggest which one looks best on you.

hairstyle for round face in saree
Hairstyle for elegant round face in saree

Stylish wedding beautiful Hairstyle for round chubby face with the matching of your traditional South Indian outfit:

  • Modern Half Braided Style-Most popular & simple hairstyle where you can make one side braid & the other left open
  • Traditional Braided Look– Make a simple long braid & put flowers with the matching of your outfit.
  • Simple Christian Bridal Style-For this, you leave all your hair open & take some hair from the front, pin, and add accessories.
  • Traditional Style with Modern Look-Make a fluffy braid and tied it with elastic at regular intervals and add flowers at back.
  • Traditional Elegant Flower Braid-Braid is the best look & gives traditional look by adding traditional accessories to your hair.
  • Flower Bridal Bun-Make a bun & in case you have short hair, add artificial hair to your hair & make a bun.
  • Netted Flower Bridal Bun-Make a big bun and put a netted flower on your bun.
  • Simple Hair South Indian Bridal -Open your hair and do the brush and straighten your hair by pressing and straightener.

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Maang Tika For Round Face

In India, many cultures are present and every culture has its own tradition & customs.

When comes to bridal make-up ,it looks also different from one state to another.

Currently, maang tikka for round face are in trendy & makes your look stylish .Maang tika makes your traditional look for your wedding look.

And nowadays, in every functions of wedding, bride wear the maang tikka for ethnic & traditional look.

hairstyle for round face in saree
hairstyle for round face in saree

You can buy the maang tikka which is smaller in size and have some pearls in your maang tikka, you can also have the option of a small pendant or elegant trinkets which are best suited on round face bride.

Your maang tikka should be matching with your overall accessories & wedding dress.

In market, different kind of maang tikka is available match with your dress & wear before the final purchase.

And don’t buy Diamond-shaped maang tikka design as they looks great on longer or broad faces .

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Wedding Hairstyles For Round Fat Faces

Wedding hairstyle for charming round chubby face increase the grace of your wedding look on the best day of your life.

With the choosing right wedding hairstyle with the matching of Indian dress ,makes your complete look elegant and wonderful.

hair style for wedding
hair style for wedding

Below are the best wedding hairstyles for round fat faces:

  • Make Bun and put Roses to look beautiful.
  • Do the light curl and open your hair.
  • Create a thick curl.
  • Half tied your hair & the other half let open.
  • Beautiful Bun & put traditional Gajra.
  • Create a bun with a side puff is a simple hairstyle for a wedding.

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Question & Answer related to 5 Ideas of Indian Bridal Makeup For Round Face

Q.Which makeup is best for Indian brides?

A. Best Indian bridal makeup for a lovely round face is HD makeup. Choose always branded product while doing your makeup with perfect matches of hairstyle for cute round face in saree.

Q.What haircut looks good on a round face?

A. You can make a wedding hairstyle for your weddings and a hairstyle for round faces in a saree according to your haircut.
So, choose the haircut through which you can make the different hairstyle on any ceremony of your wedding.

Q.How Much Does Indian bridal makeup cost?

A. The cost of Indian Bridal makeup for a smart round face depends on the place & to whom you are taking the bridal makeup & what is included. Normally, the basic makeup starts from Rs.2500 onwards.

Q.What should I do if I have a round face?

A . If you have a round face then you choose the wedding hairstyle with perfect Indian dress accordingly and if you want to do Indian bridal makeup for a round face then learn some quick steps from the above article.

Q.Are round faces pretty?

A. Yes, round face pretty and charming, you can easily do the Indian Bridal Makeup for elegant round Faces by matching different wedding hairstyles Indian.

Q.How can I slim my round face naturally?

A.If your wedding date near and want to do Indian bridal makeup for a round face & wedding hairstyle for elegant round chubby face to look beautiful & get slim your round face naturally then follow the below tips:
1.Make the routine of facial exercises.
2.Regualary do the cardio
3.Consume more water.
4.Less consumption of alcohol
5.Don’t eat outside fatty food.
6.Make the routine of your sleep and follow.


Round faces with chubby cheeks are always fascinating and make your W -day special by doing Indian Bridal makeup for amazing round faces with the perfect wedding hairstyle for cute round chubby faces for your gorgeous looks.

Hope ,you got to know how to look different through bridal make up & hairstyle on different functions of your wedding.

By reading the above article, you can also get the information of hairstyle for beautiful round face in saree and perfect matches of hairstyle for wedding. Do the best make-up & make stylish hairstyle on easy steps.

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