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15 Effective Indian Home Remedies for Cough for Kids 2022

When all finding the Indian Home remedies for cough for kids because feels that, the home remedies are safe & effective.Home remedies are most of the time easily available and come from ancient times so, we believe or somewhere in our mind that, it went be helpful to my kid.

Medicine at this stage provides some side effects so we feel so scared about giving and try to avoid them also.Kids are very sensitive and parents feel are too sensitive regarding their health condition. Parents often need some homemade tips to deal with cough for kids.

Here, you can get the best Indian home remedies for cough for kids so read the complete article and find the remedy.

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Indian Home Remedies for Cold for kids :

Don’t be stressed when your kids get the cough, use the below health remedy for cough of kids.

Ajwain Potli and Garlic


Ajwain also known as carom seeds and garlic, are the ancient remedy to cure a cold for kids and provide the best outcomes.

Both are strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and effective solutions for cold. Remember to use both to get relieve from cold and congestion fast.

It is one of the simple and easy ways to cure a cold at home and is easily available in the market.

How to make ?

Take a small muslin cloth 2 spoons of carom seeds and some garlic. Roast the 2 cloves of garlic with 2 spoons of carom seeds on tawa or pan available in your home.

Now cool both and make a small pouch or potli. Tight the pouch so that carom seeds do not go out and place near the kids.After some hour, your kids get relieved of cough as well cold, you can do 3 to 4 times in a day. Use these tips till your child become healthy again.

Palm sugar or Tal Mishri:

Tal mishri or palm sugar is known for popular home remedies and uses from the old times to cure the cough of 2 years kids at home.Use these homemade remedies when your kids become 2 years old.

It is easily available at Kirana stores and purchase from there.With palm sugar, you can take some leaves of tulsi and ginger for fast results that can also easily be available at home. So, don’t need to worry.

How to make it?

First, boil the water in a pan and add two spoons of tal mishri , some leaves of tulsi with small amount of crushed ginger.

Boil all three and let cool down, not completely, and give to your kids. Use 4 to 5 times in a day for the best result.

If your child doesn’t want to drink them, you can take one spoon of tal mishri and one spoon of black pepper,2 pieces of almonds, and mix all three.

A little bit warm all three and gives to your kids during winter seasons and you can try with milk to easily feed.

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Ajwain Water With Jaggery:

Ajwain is one of the remedies to cure the cold and cough of toddlers and also a good remedy to all age person.But when you use ajwain with jaggery then it is known as best tips at home remedies without having side effects at home.

But remember to drink in small quantity in a number, do not drink lots of ajwain water at one time.

How to make ?

You can one glass of water and boil in a pan, add a pinch of ajwain with one spoon of powder jaggery.Boil completely and let cool down. Strain the water completely and feed a poon to your kid.

You can also give, plain boil water with a pinch of ajwain seeds to kids if they take it easily. It is a good home remedy and gives the kids in regular interval of time to keep the kid’s body hydrated.

Lemon Juice Mixed with Honey:


Lemon juice and honey, both are the best home remedy to get cough relief solutions and are also liked by the kids.

As kids are not easily taking the medicine, due to the taste you can try the lemon juice mixed with honey.It is easy and cures your child’s cough and cold.

How to make it?

Take one spoon of honey and add a few drops of lemon, mix well and give to your child. You can also add warm water if the kids want.

The taste of water is liked by most kids and they can easily consume it.

Lemon, Honey, and Cinnamon:

Lemon, Honey, and Cinnamon

Adding cinnamon is also beneficial to treat the cold at home, while mixing lemon juice and honey, add a pinch of cinnamon powder and heat a little bit.

When the mixture is a little warm then give it to your toddler, through which cold does not spread.

You feel relaxed while consuming this mixture by your kid so don’t forget to try these tips.

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Clove and Honey Mix:

Cloves are again one of the best to deal with the cough and cold of the babies. Through the combination of clove and honey, cold and cough could completely disappear.

It’s a natural process to cure the problems at home.Best expectorant and beneficial to prevent the cough and cold of kids at home.

How to make ?

Take 5 cloves and roast first then grind . When the crushed cloves are completely cooled down then add some honey into this.

Give to your babies when they are going to sleep. Use before every night till the baby gets relive from cold and cough.

Ghee and Black Pepper:

Ghee is a natural way to treat the cold and cough of babies at home and uses from old times for the same.

With the help of one spoon of ghee and a pinch of black pepper powder, toddlers can be cured and get rid of cough and cold congestion easily.

As we know, ghee can be good for toddlers but when your kids are suffering from a cold then you can use a remedy.

Multi-purpose use of ghee is good and this is one of the reasons that people like to eat always. You can use these tips during the winter seasons

Toddlers also like the taste of ghee and black pepper so it is a bonus remedy for you.

How to make it?

Take one spoon of ghee and heat up a little bit, add the pinch of fresh black pepper powder. Mix well, give to your cute kid. Consume twice a day and enough for the health of kids.

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Kesar Milk:

Milk is drunk by most children and is one of the most important nutrients for the health of kids.

But when you add Kesar to milk then it becomes a remedy to cure the cold and cough of a kid. You can give it to your kids on a daily basis till your baby gets rid of cough.

Kesar Milk

How to make it?

Take one glass of milk and add some strands of saffron, boil completely and let the milk cool down.Strains the saffron and feed to your kids, but remember to feed before going to sleep to cure a cold and cough purpose.Another way is to apply the milk on the forehead of kids to get relief from the cold instantly.

Salt Crush and Ginger:

Salt is one of the most important ingredients to cook most of the dish but do you know it is good to treat the cold and cough of your toddlers at home also.Well, it is also a popular home remedy to mix salt and ginger paste.

 Salt Crush

How to make it?

Crush a small amount of ginger and add half a spoon of salt. Mix well and give to your kid.You can also cut some pieces of ginger, add salt and offer to the kid.

If you want, you can also roast the ginger and add salt, it depends on your comfort.

Peppercorn and Jaggery Mix:

As you know, jaggery is the best remedy to cure throat problems of kids, so when you add peppercorn to jaggery then best remedy at home.

How to make it?

Take 2 spoons of powdered jaggery and three spoons of peppercorns. Offer to your kids.You can store the mixture in an air-tight container and offer it to your kids when your want to eat.

Tulsi or Basil leaves :

Tulsi which is also known as basil leaves is the old home remedy to cure the cold and cough with a sore throat.It is a natural herb to clear the congestion at home without any side effects. When your baby is one or above one then you offer to them.

How to make it?

Take 15 petals of tulsi and wash completely, and 1 glass of water in a pan. You can also add,3 peppercorns and a pinch of cumin seeds (add ajwain leaves if you have them) for the best result.

Boil completely till it reduces the half, also add sugar according to your taste bud. Cooldown the mixture and offer to your kid.

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Steaming is one of the best methods for the 3 months +years toddler, you can create the steam inside the room when the kids are playing or sleeping.

You can also use the facial steamer, humidifier, or vaporizer to get relief from your child from the cough and cold.

With the help of humid air, the baby can sleep or breathe easily and feel relaxed for a long time.

If you are baby is 6 months old or more then you can go to your bathroom and open the water tape and with the steam of running water, cure the cold and cough.

If your baby is more than 1 year old then in hot water, add 2 to 3 drops of eucalyptus oil. Mix well and give a warm sponge during bath time.It would help to get rid of cold, congestion.

But, here are some points to remember during the time of using a steamer, do not get close to the steamer otherwise it may hurt the kid.

And one more thing, please take care of the skin of your baby, because it may dry the skin texture, so use some baby moisturizer.Change the cloth after steaming because it get a little wet.

Elevating Head :

Through the tips of elevating head, the child sleeps easily and breathes. You can every time your child goes to sleep.

Just need a pillow or cotton towels to elevate the head of the baby. Place the pillow on the mattress and towel under the mattress.You can use these tips when the infants become one year old.


When you are suffering from a cold and cough then, get your child to rest as much as you can.With this, the healing process increases automatically.

Drink warm water:

Drink warm water

During the winter times or when your child suffers from a cold and cough then offer them boil water, make sure water is a little warm.It gets rid of the problems of the throat, removes the toxins from the body, and helps to recover fast.

Doctor Advise:

All the above are the best home remedies to cure the cold and cough of your babies but sometimes the home remedies are not enough.

You need to consult a doctor when you feel it is essential, so definitely take advice and get instant results.

Below is the following reason when it is necessary to consult the doctor.

  • When your kids do not properly eat, drink enough liquid, and are also not able to sleep.
  • When babies cry regularly without any reason and you are unable to stop.
  • Kids suffering from high fever.
  • Kids feel pain in the ear.
  • Got illness frequently.
  • Sleep more than required.
  • Cold and cough do not last for more than a week.
  • Kids behave like listless or unconscious.
  • Throat chokes and is unable to swallow.


All the above home remedies treat or cure a cold and cough of babies. You can use all the tips according to your comfortability or availability.

But when it is necessary, take the advice of a doctor and cure the cold and cough.If you want to know more informa+ion related to health problems then read our other blogs now.

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