Oily Scalp Dry Hair

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Oily Scalp Dry Hair

If you suffer from hair problems that make you confuse what hair products to choose whether your hair is oily or dry because the ends of your hair are dry frizzy and seem dull lifeless but your scalp is super greasy and sticky then it is a matter of concern.

Having oily scalp gives the feeling that the hair is not clean even after few hours or just the day after properly washing it with a cleanser.

hair problem

The reason can be the production of excessive sebum from the scalp which makes hair greasy and often accompanied by an unpleasant smell.

This condition arises due to various reasons one of them is washing hair too often which dries out the scalp and sebaceous glands present in the scalp secretes more oil which is the sebum in order to manage the dryness but the natural oils only remain confined to the scalp and does not reach the length of hair making it dry.

The condition of oily scalp comes with problems like acne dandruff and unpleasant smell. The reason for this can be wide-ranging which can be treated either from certain home remedies or need expert guidance from the dermatologist followed by appropriate treatment.

hair problem

This issue is quite common especially in the summer season when the scalp gets really sweaty or during workout. Irrespective of what the causative reason is one must not avoid this concern and let it remain untreated because it can lead to serious issues like permanent baldness if not looked upon at the right time

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What Causes Oily Scalp

There can be various reasons which can be responsible for the development of oily scalp and by being aware of the main cause behind it we can look to determine the appropriate treatment or avoiding the triggers to oily scalp. Let’s look at the few causes

Over Washing

Washing your hair every day or very often can take away the natural oils from the scalp which makes the ends of hair or the hair strands intensely dry and frizzy without moisture.

In response to the dryness produced the scalp produces more sebum making it greasy. The oily scalp attracts more dirt causes dandruff and also clogs the pores eventually might cause acne in the scalp

Improper Washing

Washing hair less frequently or after long intervals due to a busy schedule or improper hygiene like sleeping on a dirty pillowcase or dirty hair tools comb etc can also be a cause for oily scalp.

Accumulation of gunk can be harmful for the skin and the dirt may cause painful boils on the scalp and acne might be seen on the forehead or other parts of the face as well.

How to Wash hair properly?

Improper Washing

Washing hair with a mild cleanser at regular intervals is important for maintaining a healthy condition of the oily scalp. It is advised to rinse the hair properly and clean up all the residues of the cleanser as it may accumulate in the scalp later and cause harm. For properly washing the hair consider following these steps

  • Chose a mild cleanser specialized for the oily scalp which should not contain additional oils or conditioning agents rather it should have the substance those posses cleansing properties to remove the oil and dirt from the scalp  
  • Dilute the Shampoo with water and lather it well
  • Gently massage the scalp with fingers and make sure not to use the nails for massaging
  • You can opt for a good scrub for the scalp from the market or prepare a scrub at home.
  • Rinse hair very well with normal water, it is said to avoid hot water for washing hair because it is not good for the scalp.
  • Make sure you wash the scalp well and avoid washing the ends as they tend to over dry and turn more frizzy

Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure for a longer duration can dry out the skin and it triggers the sebaceous gland for sebum production which hydrates and lubricate the skin providing oiliness.

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Genetic Factors

The excessive oily or greasy scalp can also be seen in a person whose immediate family may have dealt with this issue as many physical traits are determined by genetics. People with thin fine hair in their family are more prone to have a problem of oily scalp



Stress triggers the sebaceous gland to get hyperactive and produce more sebum causing oily scalp. The level of stress hormone Cortisol increases during stress which is the reason behind skin producing more oil.

Heat and other products for the styling of hair

other products

The heating tools to style your hair can make your hair prone to damage and breakage which makes the ends much drier. The use of various chemicals-loaded hair products like hair sprays or serums to hold the style in place can prove much harmful in the longer run.

Alcohol-based products or those involving harsh chemicals can also trigger the scalp for excess sebum production making the scalp greasy and the end hair strands extremely dry.

Hormonal Issue

Hormonal Issue

The problem in the scalp can arise due to an imbalance in the hormone level. A drastic change or fluctuation is seen in the hormones during puberty, menopause, and pregnancy or women dealing with irregular periods  these events may cause an increase in the level of oil produced by the scalps

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Poor Diet

Poor Diet

Diet is also an important factor in determining the scalp’s health. If you consume a lot of fried oily food it will impact negatively on your scalp health as well.

One must include a healthy diet with omega 3 and healthy fats, inclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet also adds up to a healthy scalp with an adequate amount of sebum and nourished strands as well.

It is also seen that dermatologists themselves prescribe nutritional supplements for better scalp hair health.

Skin conditions ( Eczema, Psoriasis)

These skin conditions may be responsible for your greasy scalp. Eczema is often seen as red scaly patches on the scalp and it feels waxy and greasy. Fungal infections may occur as well.

Skin conditions

Seborrheic Dermatitis

It is a condition of the scalp when the scalp turns scaly and extremely greasy with patches and inflammation of the scalp. The excess sebum cause dandruff and it is advisable to refer to a doctor for help.

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Oily Scalp And Thinning Of Hair

Oily Scalp

It is observed that having the issue of the oily scalp for a while often cause other major hair issues such as thinning of hair which occurs because the hair follicles get clogged by the oil and oil also traps dirt, dandruff, and other gunk which makes it difficult for the new hair to grow.

Oily Scalp And Hair Loss

Oily Scalp And Hair Loss

The damaged hair follicles due to oily scalp contribute to rapid hair loss.Dandruff, flaky scalp, and other issues if neglected may cause fungal infection or patches on the skin which causes hair loss.

Dandruff, dead cells, and dirt that is attracted by the greasy hair can clog the pores from which hair follicles grow and contribute to hair loss.

This problem should not be ignored and immediately consulted to an expert instead of only trying the home remedies because at times the root cause can be more severe which can only be treated by a specialized doctor and self-treatment at home might worsen the situation.

Dry Hair Care

Dry Hair Care

When suffering from an oily greasy itchy scalp, the ends often get deprived of any sort of moisture from the natural oils.

The hair looks extremely dull frizzy lifeless and we are scared to use moisturizing products cause they might trigger the oily scalp to cause acne. So a major question arises how to care for dry hair?

There are certain things you can try for taking care of the dry hair like

1. Use a conditioner on the ends to give them moisture and hydration but strictly remain confined to the ends and don’t apply it on the scalp.

2. Do not over brush your hair as it cause friction in the dry hair leads to more breaking. It is also advisable to use the appropriate hai brush as brushing your hair in the correct manner help to redistribute the oil from the scalp to the ends.

3. Avoid products for your hair that contain harmful chemicals like

  • Silicones
  • Sulphates
  • Paraben
  • Formaldehyde
  • Additional fragrances
  • Mineral oils
  • Alcohols

4. Apply less heat to your hair as straitening or other styling methods which involve heating can be really bad for your hair leaving them even drier than before.

5. Invest in a hair serum for your dull dry ends that make them shiny and manageable without harming the scalp.

Hair Mask To The Rescue

Hair Mask To The Rescue

The problem of oily scalp with dry hair is a common issue and it can be treated by application of hair masks which provide the necessary elements to hair needed .

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Egg Mask

Egg Mask

Using eggs as a core ingredient of the hair mask is highly beneficial as eggs are enriched with a high amount of protein and sulfur which works well on the oily scalp and provide a soft smooth appearance to the dry hair. It maintains the pH of the scalp and helps to reduce excess oil production without causing dryness.

How to make an egg mask for oily scalp?

Follow these steps

  • Take 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tsp of coconut oil
  • Few drops of lemon juice
  • Apply it evenly over the scalp and leave it for 30 -35 minutes
  • Rinse well with cold water
  • For maximal results use it at least once a week.

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Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Applying the juice of fresh lemon to the scalp is excellent to get rid of an oily scalp . It maintains the neutrality as lemon is acidic so it keeps away the excess oil and gets rid of dandruff.

How to use Lemon on the scalp?

Follow these steps

  • Take 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and add 1 cup of water to it
  • Use cotton balls to apply it evenly to your scalp and massage it well into the skin
  • Allow it to rest for a while
  • Rinse off your hair.

Aloe Vera Hair Mask

Aloe vera is a magical ingredient for hair. It contains so many good properties that soothe the scalp and provide healthy growth to hair. Aloe Vera contains vitamin A, C, and E that is responsible for healthy cell growth.

Hair products containing Aloe vera are really good. Let us look at the ways we can use aloe vera in our hair mask for oily scalp and dry ends.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe mask with Egg

  • Take 3 tsp of aloe vera gel in a bowl and add 1 egg to it
  • Mix both the ingredients and add 2 tbsp curd to it
  • Make a smooth paste and apply it well to your hair
  • Leave it for 1 hour
  • Wash with cold water and then apply shampoo to properly clean your hair.

This mask provides Hydration and moisture to the hair.


You might be a little more aware and well-versed about this combination hair issue and that you must not freak out but at the same time just not ignore the fact that it can have critical impacts if not treated at the appropriate time.

Please make sure to visit a professional if your hair concern is not fixed or even got worsen by following the above steps of taking care and remedies at home because negligence can cause permanent hair loss as well everyone wants healthy beautiful hair.

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